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Wear-Again Wedding Attire for Any Season

There’s always a whole lot of love at a wedding, but I’ve always found it difficult to love buying and wearing one-time wedding attire. So, in the midst of summer wedding season, instead of buying multiple one-time wears, I made a pact to seek out dresses that I could wear again. And not just to another wedding, but potentially other days and events any time of year. Here are my favorite budget-friendly options!

Fab Season-Proof Wedding Attire You Can Wear Again and Again

1. Summer/Spring: What to wear when it’s hot during the day, cool at night, and potentially contains a heel-wrecking walk-through-grass? Layers, of course – and wedges. I love this Chiffon Yolk Clip Dress from Express (sale, $39.99). Simple yet classy, and low enough in price that you can use the spare change to dress it up or down accordingly. The pink also lends itself to matching other items in your spring wardrobe, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll wear this again.

2. Summer/Winter: Black or tan – this cute and simple Ryan V-Neck from Banana Republic for $39.99 offers up a blank palate for whatever color, tone, and hue accessories you can think of. Adding reds to tan make way for an adorable summer-wedding look, leaning the other way during winter with dark blues, purples, or golds completely transform the look.

3. Summer/Fall: Casual yet classy and well-cut, this Twist-Waist dress from Gap is the perfect piece to take you from summer to fall and back again. The burnt-red is easy to accessorize for day or night, and the sale price of $49.95 makes this a wedding n0-brainer.

Which wedding attire caught your eye? Let us know in the comments.

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