Classy on a Cent: 9 Tricks to Make Clothes Look Expensive

What: HuffPost recently came up with 9 tricks to make clothes look expensive, including tailoring outfits and visiting your shoemaker regularly.

What They Say:

Get your items tailored. A $10 H&M top can instantly appear pricier if it’s perfectly fitted to your body.

What We Say: When it comes to fashion, budget-savvy women agree that it’s okay to fake it till you make it. The nine tips mentioned in the article are actually all good advice, which can give Victoria Beckham a run for her money without the necessary splurge. However, we hope that the advice quoted above was an exaggeration, because we would question the wisdom behind it otherwise.

Unless you’re a skilled tailor yourself, you’d probably think twice about getting a $10 top altered. When the price of tailoring costs more than the item itself, we doubt it’s really worth the effort and the money (unless you *really* like the piece, then we’ll rest our case).

With tailoring costs ranging anywhere from $15 to $80, you’d probably want to alter only items that are: a) investment pieces that will last longer than most American Idol winners’ careers; and b)outfits you know you’ll be wearing a LOT.

For more tips on how to know whether you should or should not get that closet item tailored, check out Kathryn’s advice regarding Tailor Ratios.

If you’d like to see the rest of the tips and tricks to make clothes look expensive than they are, check out the full story on HUffPost. BTW, these are illustrated with animated GIFs that made us initially wonder if we didn’t accidentally land on Buzzfeed instead.

Main photo: javi_indy/Shutterstock

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