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Clarissa Caouette

Clarissa Caouette

Clarissa is a home, garden and fashion enthusiast. Clarissa enjoys researching design trends, home staging, and is passionate about green living. When not working, Clarissa can be found with her family in their home just outside of Nashville, TN.

Women laughing outside

Fashion Police: Dos and Don’ts of Las Vegas Fashion

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. The infamous phrase conjures images of crazy party nights and chaos — stuff you’d only participate in when you’re away from home. All that craziness tends to...
health and wellness trends 1

Health and Wellness Trends In 2019

Health is wealth, as they say. That must be why health and wellness trends cycle as much as fashion trends do. From acai berries to Zumba class, we have no shortage of health/weight loss/fitness...
Stylish woman in well-decorated home

The 4 Rules of Style — for Your Wardrobe and Your Home

From the catwalk to the kitchen, there are rules of style. These are the dos and don’ts that can guide you to choosing just the right home accessory or garment to achieve a particular...
Minimalist home decor style -- blue chair against blue wall

Home Decor Style Inspired by Your Fav Outfits

When you look good, you feel good. That proverb has stood the test of time, even as fashion has evolved over the centuries. When black gives way to pink, and fur becomes so last...
Stylish woman shopping in Paris

Top 5 Cities in the World for Fashionistas

Say that Powerball ticket you just bought is the winner…what would you do with your newfound fortune? Among your top five to-dos is a major shopping spree, where money is no object. And —...
How to make clothes look expensive

Classy on a Cent: 8 Tricks to Make Clothes Look Expensive

Want to look like a million bucks when you’ve only got 10? Chin up, girl, because it can be done! And it doesn’t have to involve wearing giant cubic zirconia rings to blind and...
Retail store with shopping bags on the counter

What’s Next for Fashion Retail? Here are Some Ideas

Competition’s tough out there in retail, and stores are stepping it up to keep you coming back. The old brick-and-mortars are working to stay relevant in world where the convenience of online shopping is...
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