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How to Start a Tumblr Fashion Blog

Fashion blogger taking photos

Tumblr has become one of the fashion world’s favorite players, hosting major brands like DKNY, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters and countless others.

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The dedicated Tumblr community intent on re-blogging and sharing has made for a fashion blogger’s dream platform. But contrary to all the media attention, few bloggers see overnight success. So what’s the secret to creating your own little slice of Internet fashion heaven? Here’s our guide to starting your own Tumblr fashion blog.

How to Start a Fashion Blog

Pick and Stick

Before spilling your rambling thoughts and inspirations onto the web, pick a niche and stick to it. You’ll want your blog brand to make sense to visitors. A blog that reads “scatterbrained” is hard to follow (literally and figuratively).

The best bloggers have a distinct subject matter, niche or voice in mind.

Images, Images, Images

Tumblr thrives as a photo community, so a media-filled blog is a must. You don’t have to be a personal style blogger to fill your space with photo content. Inspiration pics, Instagram uploads and more can provide the sought-after, behind-the-scenes glimpses blog readers look for.

Runway models during fashion show

Fashion changes by the minute and so should the blogs based on it. While you may not always have time for long-form editorial content, a quick photo post is a snap.


Tumblr is an amazing social media network, and should be used like one! The best way to grow your blog and its following is to interact with others.

Find others in your niche, follow, like and comment. The only way for people to find you in such a diluted blogosphere is to let your fabulously fashionable presence be known.

Give Credit

One of the benefits of Tumblr is the amazing ability to re-blog favorite photos from other users.

As a new breed of digital journalist, it’s important to stick to age-old rules like citing sources. Crediting images and linking back to original material are fantastic ways to build your reputation and pay homage to those who inspire you.


Building partnerships with brands isn’t just for big-time bloggers. Even the most beginning Tumblr users can monetize through Google AdSense and ShopStyle programs that suggest products to blog visitors.

Tumblr fashion blogger's desk: laptop surrounded by magazine, makeup and shoes

You can also reach out to local boutiques and e-commerce sites to grow your network.

Be You

Being original is the best advice we can offer our budding Tumblr fashion bloggers. No one made a name for herself by imitating others.

Use industry leaders as inspiration if you’d like, but stay true to your own voice and aesthetic. That’s the only way to stand out on the blogosphere.

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Thursday 5th of July 2012

I love the idea of writing my own fashion blog. Where do you get your pictures from to post online if you are not taking your own pictures? I see a lot of fashion blogs use pictures that look like they came right from specific stores.

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