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How To Create An Amazing Beauty Blog on Tumblr

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You love to read blogs, right? Heck, your friends and family think you’re obsessed. Don’t worry; we are too. It’s totally normal — if you’re awesome and you love to read about beautiful things, that is.

So, why not start your own? Come on, you can’t tell us you haven’t thought about it. We bet you have a ton of opinions about the latest beauty trends and products. Of course, something might be stopping you from actually setting one up. Can we take a guess? Is the problem technology or time? Or those cryptic abbreviations HTML and CSS?

If we’re on the right track, we have a solution for you. It’s called Tumblr. You’ve probably heard of it, or maybe you even follow a few people on it.

Tumblr is one of the easiest blogging platforms to use and doesn’t require any coding to get you started. Simply upload all your favorite beauty pictures. Or, write a few thoughts on what makes a certain nail polish amazing.

Tumblr blogging is super easy. And we know from experience that it’s actually pretty fun.

Create Your Tumblr Beauty Blog in 5 Steps

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So, have we convinced you? Do you want to start a Tumblr beauty blog? Here’s how.

1. Brainstorm a Fabulous Blog Name

Pick a blog name that represents you. It should be catchy, easy to remember, and something that makes you smile every time you log on. Think of it as your own personal brand, something that in a few words represents you.

If you need help, ask your friends and family. Don’t feel like you have to decide immediately.

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2. Sign Up

Sign Up

It’s incredibly easy to sign up for Tumblr. Just go to, enter in your e-mail and username, and voila, instant access

3. Start Posting

Tumblr walks you right through the posting process by giving you a few sample posts and prompting you with a suggestion to upload your own photo. It’s as simple as attaching a document and inserting some text.

Like we said, you don’t have to be a technical genius to create a beauty blog on Tumblr. If you can write an e-mail and attach a photo, you’ve got the right skills.

collage of women with makeup on

As far as content for your beauty blog, we suggest uploading gorgeous, high-quality pictures that appeal to you. Whether it’s your favorite celebrity’s hairstyle, a product you love, or eyeshadow you’re dying to try, blog about it.

Remember to credit your sources and seek permission to reproduce photos if you are unsure.

4. Share Your Blog With The World

As you get more used to Tumblr, you can start reading tutorials on customizing your pages, adding extra features, etc. The more you use it, the easier it is to navigate.

But the most important thing you can do is spread the word. Tell your friends about your blog. Follow other beauty bloggers on Tumblr whom you like and admire. Comment on their posts. Tweet about it. Share links on your Facebook.

Trust us, it’s much more fun to blog when you can read the reactions from people all over the world who share your love of gorgeous beauty. Good luck!

Interested in starting a Tumblr fashion blog? We have a post about that too!

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