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How to Start a Fashion Blog

So, you wanna be a fashion blogger? That’s great! Go for it! Now, more than any other time in history, everyone has access to all the tools they need to start their own fashion blog. The most important piece of advice of advice we can give you is: Don’t Be Afraid!

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Start Your Own Fashion Blog

Don’t Be Afraid To… look to those you admire for guidance. A great place to start is to do some research and seek out those websites that you yourself love to read. Not to be confused with plagiarism (which is never, ever okay), consider this as a way of building inspiration. Make a list of what you like best about a particular blog or website. Then get creative and find a way to put your own unique (read: original) spin on it.

Don’t Be Afraid Of… technology.

Don't Be Afraid of Technology

As we said above, we have never had more free access to all the tools necessary for starting our own websites. Most blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress are wonderfully user friendly, and you can pretty much Google anything and find a list of tips, tricks, tutorials, and how-to’s to solve whatever issue you might encounter. (You could even Google “How to Start a Fashion Blog”, but that would just re-direct you here!) If you’re not the most computer savvy person on the planet, don’t let that stop you!

Don’t Be Afraid To… have a clear point of view.

Have a Clear Point of View

This may be the most important tip on this list. Because the market is now so saturated with fashion, personal style and street style blogs, having something that makes your blog unique is vital. Emily Schuman, creator of the popular fashion/food blog Cupcakes & Cashmere once said, “Decide what you want to do and do it better than anyone else out there.”, and we couldn’t agree more. This is why having a clear point of view and a specific subject matter is paramount to having a successful blog. Within fashion blogging, perhaps you’d like to focus on snazzing up work attire, or maybe your forte is DIY-clothes? Pick an angle within fashion bloggin.

Don’t Be Afraid To… invest in good gear.

Don't Be Afraid to Invest in Good Gear

Credit: Camera Monster on Tumblr

As much as you are able to, make it a priority to invest in the tools you need to make your blog as good as it can be. Think about how you feel when you’re searching the web and you come across a website with lousy photos or that is difficult to navigate. You immediately sense a lack of professionalism and, chances are, you’ll leave the site toute suite in search of another, better executed URL. So, consider you subject matter and gear up accordingly. Want your blog to be photo or video based? Then spend some money on a great SLR camera or HD video recorder. Want to share the written word? You might not need to get actual gear in that case, but taking a typing course or writing class will up your game and keep people coming back for your razor sharp (and typo-free!) wit.

Don’t Be Afraid To… go out and meet your peers by attending online or in-person conferences and forums.

Go Out and Meet Your Peers


The fashion blogging community is made up of some pretty fantastic people who are more than happy to share their knowledge with newcomers. Lucky magazine has started holding conferences for fashion blogger’s (FABB – the Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference) as does the IFB with their Independent Fashion Blogger’s Conference, and BlogHer is a great online forum full of resources. Just as you now have all the technology to start a fashion blog, you also have endless resources that are just a keystroke or two away – use them!

Fashion blogging is not for the faint of heart and those that do it best are the ones who are committed to making their sites the best they can be. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, Vahni creator of Grit and Glamour are great examples of bloggers who had an idea, the courage to take that idea to the world wide web and the stick-to-itiveness to turn that idea into a successful, professional blog. Follow these tips, and you could count yourself among some very fine company.

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