How to Start a Fashion Blog

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So, you wanna be a fashion blogger? That’s great! Go for it! Now, more than any other time in history, everyone has access to all the tools they need to start their own fashion blog. The most important piece of advice of advice we can give you is: Don’t Be Afraid!

Start Your Own Fashion Blog

Don’t Be Afraid To… look to those you admire for guidance. A great place to start is to do some research and seek out those websites that you yourself love to read. Not to be confused with plagiarism (which is never, ever okay), consider this as a way of building inspiration. Make a list of what you like best about a particular blog or website. Then get creative and find a way to put your own unique (read: original) spin on it.

Don’t Be Afraid Of… technology.

Don't Be Afraid of Technology

As we said above, we have never had more free access to all the tools necessary for starting our own websites. Most blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress are wonderfully user friendly, and you can pretty much Google anything and find a list of tips, tricks, tutorials, and how-to’s to solve whatever issue you might encounter. (You could even Google “How to Start a Fashion Blog”, but that would just re-direct you here!) If you’re not the most computer savvy person on the planet, don’t let that stop you!
Don’t Be Afraid To… have a clear point of view.

Have a Clear Point of View

This may be the most important tip on this list. Because the market is now so saturated with fashion, personal style and street style blogs, having something that makes your blog unique is vital. Emily Schuman, creator of the popular fashion/food blog Cupcakes & Cashmere once said, “Decide what you want to do and do it better than anyone else out there.”, and we couldn’t agree more. This is why having a clear point of view and a specific subject matter is paramount to having a successful blog. Within fashion blogging, perhaps you’d like to focus on snazzing up work attire, or maybe your forte is DIY-clothes? Pick an angle within fashion bloggin.

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  • This was a nice, short, inspiring article. It is very hard for anyone that want’s to genuinely write about or convey fashion online now because the market is flooded. I think pages 1, 3, & 4 are the most important, in my opinion.

  • I have had sooo many problems it is crazy.I changed my blog name twice (I am keeping this one), because I thought it was not fashion bloggy enough. What puts me down is when I am done writing a post. I google it, just to see that what I have talked about, has already been done. What do you think of fashion blog names that does not necessarily have anything fashion word related in their titles. My blog name is My Innovative Mind, is that good? I am always second guessing myself, especially when it comes to my blog name.

    • TBF

      @Kamea- I think you’re problem is that you’re focusing a bit too much on the fame aspect of fashion blogging rather on just writing what comes naturally to you. If you do what you feel and what you enjoy, you will confident in what you do. Who cares if someone has written about something before (there were several books about god before the Bible was written, does that mean that the bible should have been written??), it’s about your perspective. If you have an unique perspective, then it will come through on your blog and other people will notice. Do what you feel is best, what is in your heart, and screw what other people think.