4 Great Places to Find Fascinator Hats

Deep down, every one of us kind of wants to be Kate Middleton, but not because she gets to be a princess, and not because she’s marrying Wills on the 29th (let’s face it, he used to be a lot better looking). Truth be told, we just want her hats. From the frilly to the feathered, Kate Middleton’s hats (called fascinators) have captured our hearts as deeply as she captured William’s. And though we have no idea where we’d wear them, we still can’t wait to get a fascinator of our very own.

Want to mimic Kate’s glam fascinator toppers, but have no clue where to find them? No worries, dears. We know just where to look. Now, if only finding Prince Charming were this easy.

Where to Buy Fascinator Hats

1. Vintage Shops
They just don’t make hats like the used to– in the U.S.A., anyway. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find them. If you’re willing to dig around a little, you can find princess-worthy toppers at vintage shops. The styles worn by Middleton and other royals today look strikingly similar to the hats your grandma used to wear, so begin your search here. Another bonus: you’re likely to find a ridiculously good deal.

2. Online
If it exists, you can find it on the Internet, and hats are no exception. From online vintage shops to specialty shops, searching the web for fascinators takes way less time and energy than hunting through store racks. Mass retailers and small shops alike will carry these adorable toppers, so don’t limit your search to one type of store. Try Zappos for wide-brimmed Derby Hats, and Modcloth , Hats.com and Asos for daintier styles. And don’t forget eBay!

However our favorite shop to find fascinators online is etsy.

3. Chic Retailers
We may not have royal weddings and the like on this continent, but we do have the occasional hat-worthy event– namely Easter and the Kentucky Derby. This means that, while small, there is a market for amazing hats, so you can find them in stores you shop at all the time. While the selection is limited, White House Black Market, Bloomingdale’s and Saks will all have a few outlandish hats to choose from.

4. Across the Pond
If you want to have toppers as fabulous as Miss Middleton’s, shop where she shops! Kate loves fascinators by Phillip Treacy, but he’s not the only sartorial genius busting out amazing headwear in the UK. You can find reasonably priced hats in a number of stores… without even buying a plane ticket. Shop British stores online by visiting the websites for Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, House of Fraser and Debenham’s.

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