How to Wear Skinny Jeans: If You Have Large Thighs

Be honest — if you’re anything like us, your thighs are the subject of far more full-length-mirror scrutiny than any of us would like to admit. If we added up the number of hours we’ve spent dreaming up ways to minimize, camouflage, and otherwise disguise our thighs — all because they’re larger than the toothpicks we’re told are perfect — we’ve probably lost at least three years of our lives. Throw skinny jeans in the mix, and we’re likely to have a complete try-on room meltdown.

Fortunately, there are some practical guidelines that will ensure you look fab in those skinny jeans and remain sane. Check out Tips for Wearing Skinny Jeans for those of us with larger thighs.

Dark wash is your friend.

Distressed Denim

You already know that darker colors are more slimming, so dark wash or black is a no-brainer — but also consider sticking with a classic solid wash, and skip the thigh fading and whiskering details that brings all the attention right to where we don’t want it.

Chunky shoes.

Chunky Sandals

Go for wedges or platform-style heels, to create balance in the line of your leg; skinny jeans with delicate shoes will only emphasize the width on top. Espadrilles are perfect for summer, like these adorable Tommy Hilfiger wedges at DSW.

Layer up.

Layered Cardigan

Slip on a long fine-knit cardigan over a body-skimming tee and your skinny jeans, camouflaging bulkier thighs while maintaining a long body line overall.

Lighten up (on top).

Ruffled Top

If you’ve got your dark wash skinnys on the bottom, further the slimming effect by going with a light-colored top (like this ruffled envelope top from Gap) that falls to your mid-hip (stopping short of the top of the thighs). A light hue will both draw the eye up and away from your problem area, while creating the illusion of more width on top (and, by default, make the dark bottom half seem even smaller!).

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    Blog Comments

    Quite strange in a post about large thighs all the models are SKINNY!!!! It would be nice to practice what is preached/show what the advice would actually look like

    We actually do practice what we preach…ALL THE TIME… and we changed the photo because it is obviously a source of contention. However, I must say that there was a better way to say this and just because we are online it does not give you a right to be mean. We are an independent blog without the venture capital funding our competitors. We covered plus size fashion since the beginning, WAY before plus size became “in”. You could cut us a break.

    I read this blog and thank you for it. I’ve always been semi-passionate about fashion
    and now that I’m definitely in the senior class, I appreciate it more.
    I’ve moveed from LA to Palm desert, ca., wwhere it will be warm here until November, when itDrops down at night.
    I’d like to [put together an outfit (uniform like) to wear when I’m out. (I’m writng a book
    so I can ohly unleash myself 2-3 times a week) I’ve got plenty of stuff but I want to
    look chic and updated (but not out there). Any ideas. ? ( When” Winter “comes . which is
    Thanksgiving to mid FEb it doesnt get below 60 & l always try to layer.) I’ve passed
    this web to many but I think you really ought to do one for warm weather here, I know you’d get successful with ads because “the season” goes from October till
    May. I often say that most women dress like they’re going bowling! We have every
    great shop i.e. (like Bottega to Anthropologie, with also lots of midline. We really\
    need a stylist here. I’m sure there are some however I haven’t seen anything to turn my head about. Please respond, as this has been lurking in my head for 5 years. AG
    I forgot to add that this the consignment capitol of west coast. furniture, etc,.
    My sister inlaw comes here from Fla.

    I like the skinny jeans its so in Fashion and looks stunning with high heels.

    Skinny jeans are always my “go-to” on days when I am just feeling “blah”! The dark wash for sure looks better. Love the tip of lighter colors! And layers are always my best friend! great work as always 🙂
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

    I was actually brave enough to wear white skinny jeans (with the proper foundation garment of course) and heels. I did a longer denim like top that covered my bottom and I got a lot of compliments. Note: if you have jelly thighs, long spanx type garments are required. Gives you a nice smooth look!
    TBF, don’t sweat the comments… those of us that read regularly know better!

    thanks Lisa.. I really don’t mind the criticisms.. when they’re constructive…

    and word up on the spanx! I like the cheaper version, assets, from target 🙂

    I like my thighs the way they are. Chunky :3
    thats just us brazilians… 😉

    Good article. I also like to wear skinny jeans for women

    thanks so much for this post! i always have problems buying skinnys, cause my calves are not the same size as my thighs n hips! i’m a size 14 n my calves usually only fit size 16 jeans. i guess this means i’m stuck with bootcut. 🙁

    Thank you so much, these tips will be so helpful for me. its been for years that i’ve struggled to really know what type of clothes i need for my body type and i’m confident now how to wear my skinnys and to go for darker colors at the bottom. this was really very helpful, since i’m short and having a pear shape body, flats are out gotta make huge changes on my shoes and tops!


    Would of like to see plus size models for this article.

    I just read an article that women 50 and over should not wear skinny leg jeans what is right

    I am not heavy at all, I have a very obvious hour glass shaped body, and my thighs are HUGE. I hate it, and I only like skinny jeans and jeggings. I wish I could have those tiny thighs. Must be so much easier.But , I guess long shirts, and layers will have to cut it for me.

    I’m only 13 and I already have the problem of big thighs. It’s not that I am fat or anything, it’s just that everyone in my family has big thighs. But I love to wear skinny jeans. I have a weird sort of pear/hourglass shape body meaning that I have a small waist and bigger thighs and a normal bust. I normally just wear tshirts that go past my hips and halfway down my butt, I was just wondering if there was any way I could accentuate my waist whilst not having to wear very girly clothes. I don’t like to wear girly clothes so when I see advice pages like this I always see that you should wear heels and dresses, which is not my preferred style. Thank you for your help TBF

    You might try longer, A-line tops paired with your skinny jeans. Or, layer a shorter tee with a longer cardigan.

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