Facial Hair? Tackle ’em With Tweezers that Really Work


The topic of facial hair doesn’t always make us feel warm and um, fuzzy (pun intended), but let’s be real:  it happens, I don’t care who you are.  Kate Upton, Olivia Pope, Lindsey Vonn—I’m sure they’ve occasionally whipped out the tweezers to bring death to a Sudden Chin Hair Sprout.

Sure, us ladies love our tweezers to keep brows in shape, but we all know that hairs have a way of creeping up on other parts of our face.  I’ve caught some doozies on my chin,  the sides of my face along my jawline and on my upper lip.  Yup, not gonna lie.  Bright sunlight, 12x magnifying mirrors and a BFF who tells it like it is have a way of keeping me in tune to my stray facial hairs.  Sigh.

For those of us not wild about waxing, smelly creams, costly electrolysis sessions or mitts that promise to slough off facial hairs, tweezers do the trick. Spot a hair on the way out of the ladies room at work?  No problem.  Get that tweezer out and head to the meeting sans obvious chin hair.   The key is finding a tweezer that works, grabbing the hair and yanking that sucker out.  I scoped out a few that work . . . really work.  No more gripping that same hair 27 times.  Bonus:  They’re stylish, too.  No mono-color blah tweezers here.  Now let’s get to it!

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