Makeup Bag a Mess? Check Out These Tips


This year, make it a point to keep your New Year’s resolutions. (That is the point of resolutions, right?) We know many of you share the desire to de-clutter and organize this year. But, we also know that organizing an entire house is overwhelming. So here’s what you can do – start small. By just de-cluttering one tiny area, you will feel accomplished and energized to tackle another space. Of course, we can’t think of a better place to start than your make-up bag. It’s small and easy to organize with just a few tips.

Organize Your Makeup Bag

1. Dump It Out

Dump It OutSource: Flickr Creative Commons

Yes, you read that right. Take a towel, put it on your bed, and overturn your makeup bag. (FYI, the towel is key so that rogue bits of makeup and foundation don’t ruin your bed!) You need to know what you’re working with, ladies, so put like with like. Put all eye shadows, mascaras, bushes, etc. in groups with each other.

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