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Makeup Bag a Mess? Check Out These Tips

This year, make it a point to keep your New Year’s resolutions. (That is the point of resolutions, right?) We know many of you share the desire to de-clutter and organize this year. But, we also know that organizing an entire house is overwhelming. So here’s what you can do – start small. By just de-cluttering one tiny area, you will feel accomplished and energized to tackle another space. Of course, we can’t think of a better place to start than your make-up bag. It’s small and easy to organize with just a few tips.

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Organize Your Makeup Bag

1. Dump It Out

Dump It Out

Source: Flickr Creative Commons

Yes, you read that right. Take a towel, put it on your bed, and overturn your makeup bag. (FYI, the towel is key so that rogue bits of makeup and foundation don’t ruin your bed!) You need to know what you’re working with, ladies, so put like with like. Put all eye shadows, mascaras, bushes, etc. in groups with each other.

2. Discard, Discard, Discard

Discard, Discard, Discard

Source: Flickr Creative Commons

Look at everything you have spread on your bed. Do you see items that leak? Do you have mascara that’s old? Do you have 10 eyeliners? Did you forget to throw away your old powder when you started a new one? Get rid of them! Having old and dirty makeup can be the perfect place for bacteria to grow, and when we’re talking about something as important as your skin, you can’t take any chances.

3. Choose Everyday Items

Choose Everyday Items

Source: Flickr Creative Commons 

Now that you have only good, clean makeup in front of you, it’s time to pull out what you use every day. If you have a gorgeous, glitterly eye shadow that’s just for special occasions, we’re not saying to throw it away. Rather, grab a small tray or bowl and place those lesser used items in a different space. When you are done, you should have very basic items left to be placed in your bag: foundation, concealer, blush/bronzer, powder, eyeliner, primer/mascara, two eye shadows, lipstick/lipgloss, and any makeup brushes that go with the aforementioned items.

4. Double Up

Revlon Last Fantasy

Revlon Last Fantasy

Make a mental note or jot down which items can be doubled up. Can you buy a primer and mascara in one or an eye shadow pack with multiple colors? Look for sales and purchase those items to par down the number of accessories in your bag.

5. Maintain Regularly

Leopard Cosmetic Bag

Forever 21 Leopard Cosmetic Bag, $8.80

The key to maximizing the hard work of any organizing mission is to maintain it regularly. Check your bag once a week or so to make sure your makeup is still clean and to decide if something needs to be replaced. Make a rule that you can only add something to your bag if you take something out first. If you keep up this good habit, you can reward yourself with a new makeup bag or new brushes to encourage you to maintain a healthy environment for your skin.