Beauty Advice: Where to Find Insulated Cosmetic Bags

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Dear Budget Fashionista,

HOT weather is almost here. Are there any insulated cosmetic bags out there to keep make up from melting?

Answer: Avon has a cosmetic bag with an insulated inside for $15.00 ($3.99 when you select 2 color purchases). You can also try a company called IcyBag, which sells an insulated cosmetic bags with a storage compartment for ice, for $15.99. Sometimes you can also find cute insulated lunch bags that could double as an insulated cosmetic bags on etsy, a craft market place.

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  • kat

    I have the IcyBag ( and I LOVE it. Not only is it insulated but it also comes with a freezer gel pack! I use it for makeup, lotions/creams, lip gloss, medications and even snacks!

  • Cayute!!! I want 2!!

  • TBF

    could work for medications too… Avon is a great company that is often overlooked…

    • Denise Thompson

      InsulatedFashionBags on Etsy has Insulated medication bags along with makeup bags

  • What a great idea !  But, better than cosmetics how about carrying your medications.

  • The bag is a great idea, when I saw it I had an ahhh moment.  How about for everyone that has to take medication that has to be refrigerated.  How cool would this bag be to carry your medication?

    SoHo Accessories

  • How cool is that!  The bag looks like its wearing a poncho. 😛