Melted Makeup is Gross! Keep Your Beauty Products Cool with One of These Darling Insulated Cosmetic Bags (Updated 2020)

Makeup bag with beauty products

You may not need an insulated makeup bag at home, but they’re an essential for any summertime travel. Many moons ago, I was fortunate enough to spend sometime in Venice, Italy in July. It was so darn hot, my eyeliner melted into a gooey mess. Worse, I didn’t even realize it was melted until I touched it to my face — that’s when my eyeliner turned to mush. What a waste! I couldn’t sharpen it of course, so I just went without eyeliner for the rest of the trip.

You can hedge against that outcome with an insulated cosmetic bag. Just pop your beauty products into an insulated bag, along with a small ice-pack sealed inside a zip-top bag. Your eyeliner won’t melt and your moisturizers and serums will stay at a soothing, cool temperature.

Thankfully, insulated makeup bags are easy to find, for as little as $10. At that price, it’s a worthwhile purchase if:

  • You have a road trip or a camping trip on the calendar.
  • You are vacationing somewhere hot and you may be without air conditioner at some point. (My budget hotel in Venice had no A/C.)

Here are 10 of my favorite insulated makeup bag picks.

An insulated makeup bag for every girl

1. For the brand-conscious

Technically, this adorable Kate Spade bag is for your lunch — but who cares? It’s lightweight, insulated, and has a zipper enclosure. You could easily stash your beauty and skincare in this lunchbox and pop it into your travel bag. Or, carry it by the handle as your personal item. With that strawberry design, it’s a fun addition to any outfit. The price is a touch splurge-y at $29.95.

2. For the rule-follower

If air travel is on the agenda, a bag that’s compliant with TSA requirements will help you avoid any troubles in the security line. This cute pouch by Icy-Cools comes with its own ice-pack. To get through TSA, you’ll have to put the ice-pack in a zip-top, quart-size bag. Once you’re through security, move the whole zip-top bag into the polka-dot pouch with your beauty products. The zip-top bag should be waterproof, as the ice-pack will generate moisture as it melts. And the price? An easy $9.99.

3. For the no-frills gal

This makeup bag functions resists heat for up to four hours, without an ice-pack. You could put it in the freezer before packing it up to extend that heat-resistance window. Measuring 8 inches long by 2 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches tall, you could put all your daily essentials in this basic black bag. It’ll cost you $21.

4. For the fashionista

Why not keep your beauty goods in a hot pink bag with a crocodile stamp? It comes with two extra zipper pockets, one on the outside and one on the inside. Plus, the wristlet strap is removable — so convert it into a clutch if you like. The price tag on Amazon is $19.95.

5. For the style- and budget-conscious

The blue-heart makeup bag from CleanPack on Etsy blends a stylish design with a budget-friendly price tag of $15 (plus $6.90 shipping). The bag is lined, insulated, and machine-washable. Measuring 9 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches tall, it’s roomy enough without being excessively large.

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    How cool is that!  The bag looks like its wearing a poncho. 😛


    The bag is a great idea, when I saw it I had an ahhh moment.  How about for everyone that has to take medication that has to be refrigerated.  How cool would this bag be to carry your medication?

    SoHo Accessories

    What a great idea !  But, better than cosmetics how about carrying your medications.

    could work for medications too… Avon is a great company that is often overlooked…

    InsulatedFashionBags on Etsy has Insulated medication bags along with makeup bags

    Cayute!!! I want 2!!

    I have the IcyBag ( and I LOVE it. Not only is it insulated but it also comes with a freezer gel pack! I use it for makeup, lotions/creams, lip gloss, medications and even snacks!

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