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Corsets Are Trending! Here’s How to Wear One (Without Looking Trashy)

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For a classic-meets-edgy look, try this ASOS DESIGN version. It’s elasticized for your comfort, and features a back zipper and faux leather trim for a chic finishing touch.

2. Do wear a corset over a dress

Over a dress? Yes! That’s one of the most effective ways to pull off this tricky piece. The key to making this work is choosing the right dress silhouette. Since corsets are naturally snug, they’ll look great over both form-fitting and fit-and-flare dresses. The latter is a nice choice if you want to dress up a girlish outfit and add something a little unexpected to the look.

Wearing a corset over bodycon is a strategy reserved for bolder fashionistas. You will turn heads, though, so this is an incredible option for a party.

Corset top with lace
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Remember that you aren’t limited to the standard corset, either. This Topshop Lace Corset Prairie Blouse will look perfect over a sleek, sleeveless black dress.

3. Do pair a corset with a jumpsuit

You could also revive an old and boring jumpsuit by adding a corset over the top. Much like the corset will do for a dress, it’ll bring more definition and contrast to your jumpsuit.

4. Do wear a corset with a button-down

You don’t necessarily have to show off every bit of your corset. You can absolutely take a more demure approach. Try it underneath a crisp button-down shirt. Leave a couple of the buttons undone so that your bustier peeks out, much like a bralette. The effect is chic, modern, and wearable.

For a bolder approach, you can also wear the top over your button-down. The top needs to be on the fitted side, so it doesn’t pucker underneath that sleek piece.

Woman wearing corset top over a button-down
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5. Do wear a corset-inspired piece

A fun thing happens when a style starts trending: Designers start incorporating that trendy design element in everything. Do a little shopping around your favorite online clothing stores and you’ll see corset detailing all over the place.

Woman wearing corset dress
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Try this t-shirt dress from Missguided as an easy way to work a lace-front into your rotation.

6. Don’t wear a corset with leggings

Leggings have their place, but that place is not with a short, snug, skin-baring top. Teaming skin-tight bottoms with a lace-up top that you’re literally stuffed is only acceptable if you’re headed to a Halloween party. Actually, scratch that. It’s even a bad look on Halloween.

A better option? Try your a tiny top with a pair of paperbag-waist pants or flowing, wide-leg pants. That creates balance and is likely to be far more flattering. Even better if you slip on a t-shirt underneath to do away with the dominatrix vibe entirely.

7. Don’t wear a corset as a top

This is reminiscent of the old “leggings aren’t pants” debate, but I’ll go on record to say that a true corset — the lace-up, strapless kind — isn’t a top. Period. It’s a layer. Wear it under something or over something, but not by itself. Keep that in mind and you’ll sidestep the tackiest of corset looks.


Thursday 19th of March 2020

thanks for this amazing tips and i must say this corsets are looking so good i just want to buy this for my freind wedding frin where can i buy this?

Catherine Brock

Thursday 19th of March 2020

Hi! Click on the link below the images to find these products! Catherine


Wednesday 18th of March 2020

Thank you so much for the tips. You're incredibly helpful!!

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