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What Is My Style? 25 Personalities & the Styles They Love

The TV show “Gilligan’s Island” featured two very distinct versions of female style: sweet country girl Mary Ann and glamorous, leading lady Ginger. Can you imagine Mary Ann donning one of Ginger’s slinky dresses? It just doesn’t seem to work, right?

The Mary Ann/Ginger dichotomy points to the role that personality plays in style. Have you ever wondered why you gravitate to certain looks and shy away from others? Some women love sporty ensembles, while others dress to the nines just to shop for groceries. The simple answer is that you wear what you like. But what you like — well, that comes from who you are and how you think.


Personality testing and fashion

That’s why knowing more about who you are can help you define and optimize your personal style. There are many personality frameworks out there. Two interesting ones are the 16 personalities test and Enneagram types.

Below is an overview of the 16 personalities plus nine Enneagram types, along with a description of the styles each personality warms to. If you haven’t taken either personality test before, it might be fun to review the descriptions first and predict which suits you best. If you have taken these tests, use the information below to home in on your style needs and identify ways to break outside your comfort zone.

16 personalities and style

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One of the 16 personality types fits you, and that can surface some fun insights about your style needs. Below are overviews of each type along with style notes for each one.

Logistician: Reserved, trustworthy, hardworking

Responsibility, hard work, and dedication are all core traits of this personality. By nature, you’re more reserved — and your wardrobe follows suit. Crisp, clean, and flawless pieces that are more classic than trendy are your favorites. You wear them everywhere from the office to dinner. Think “no fuss” when browsing the racks and lean more in the traditional direction.

You’re sure of yourself from head to toe. Choose tailored trousers with straight legs, smart white button-down tops, and sharply cut blazers that flatter your figure. Pencil skirts nod to your appreciation for old-school glamour. Your pops of color arrive via subtly patterned silk scarves, the occasional statement necklace, or a lithe shell peeking out beneath a cardigan in the same color family.

Defender: Gentle, meticulous, thoughtful

Loyalty is your gift, and you take pride in being there for those who need you. You take others’ feelings seriously, and you are strategic in everything that you do. That’s evident in the thoughtfully conceived outfits you wear daily, whether you’re headed to work or enjoying a picnic with family and friends. Smart pieces that prioritize fit over trends take precedence.

Woman wearing simple, coordinated clothes while walking outside.
Source: Envato.

Choosing unfussy pieces is the best way to make your statement. You’re all about harmony and peace, so anything that complements your figure and creates a streamlined silhouette from top to bottom earns major points in your wardrobe. A-line skirts paired with light silk tanks and strappy heels are quietly elegant and forever flattering. You’re more conservative than not, so neutral hues with subtle pops of color work best.

Executive: Outgoing, reliable, efficient

If there’s anyone who gets things done, it’s you. You’re driven by logic, details, and facts, all of which help you draw intelligent conclusions. Your sartorial pursuits are similar, particularly focusing on efficient pieces that serve a purpose — keeping you cool, warming you up, or flattering your figure, for example. You love something that works for you.

There’s a certain charisma about your wardrobe choices. You favor quality and never shy away from pieces that are structured, classic, and elegant. When you’re dressing up, you may turn to a delicate floral pattern to express your softer side. No-fail additions include denim jackets, stretchy leggings, lightweight shawls, comfortable sneakers, and relaxed tunics.

Consul: Thorough, caring, supportive

You prioritize the needs of others and make sure that everyone is happy — without sacrificing your own comfort, of course. That’s why you appreciate soft, cozy, and comfortable pieces that bring balance to a sometimes chaotic world, allowing you to manage the daily grind without losing sight of your penchant for style. You aren’t necessarily a trendsetter, but you enjoy a good trend.

What better way to stay cozy than in loungewear designed for a laid-back lifestyle? Sure, you aren’t exactly living that low-key life, but you love the plush feel of a soft, airy tunic over stretchy leggings. Jersey fabric dresses, chunky knit sweaters, and buttery turtlenecks all play major roles in your closet, and everything you wear looks great with a pair of ballet flats or low-profile pumps.

Advocate: Organized, gentle, harmonious

You know what you want, and you bring your ideas to the table without apology. Whether you’re settling a workplace matter or calming an argument, you take a positive approach and mean every word you say. That same mentality elevates your wardrobe with crisp, flawless essentials that don’t break too much from tradition. You focus first on comfort but appreciate a little added spice — usually something that reflects your personal interests.

You make your mark in clothes that are as forward-thinking as you are. While they’re comfortable and fairly classic, they express you in all your glory — the energy that drives you, the passion that powers your do-good spirit. Look for pieces that are slightly unconventional: a menswear-inspired blazer in an offbeat color, a pair of cigarette-slim pants with cuffed hems, a wrap blouse that adds jewel tones to neutral outfits.

Mediator: Creative, caring, curious

Your creativity goes a long way in every area of your life, including your sense of style. You use your imagination to bring even the most basic looks to life, and you give equal time to everything from a solid black T-shirt to a wildly printed dress. You won’t say no to something that’s eye-catching, but you’re just as fond of casual pieces you can dress up with a little something that’s all you.

Thinking outside of the box is what you do best. Silky track pants, boldly patterned maxi skirts, off-the-shoulder blouses with ruffled accents — you’ll try anything once, and you’re excited when your creative spirit brings the simplest looks to life. For that, you rely on major accessories: bold statement necklaces, oversized handbags, brilliant scarves, and chunky cocktail rings.

Protagonist: Social, philanthropic, sensitive

As a responsible person who prides herself on fantastic organizational skills and a boundless zest for life, you embrace the good in everything. Your taste in fashion is emblematic of that enthusiasm, with occasional trendy pieces mixed with timeless classics to create one-of-a-kind looks that represent your style. You don’t go overboard, though, and are generally rooted in simple, comfortable outfits.

Refined silhouettes and warm colors set the tone for your wardrobe. They’re dependable like you, yet never boring. You love a plain white tee and a pair of well-worn jeans just as much as you do a pleated sweater dress and booties. Your outfits convey authority and confidence, and you never fail to make a great first impression. Neutral satchels, classic gold or silver hoops, and thin chains all make the grade for you.

Campaigner: Optimistic, joyous, inspiring

You never apologize for your confidence, boldness, and forward-thinking nature. You have a positive outlook that shines in your style choices, be it a pair of bright shoes or a quirky handbag that sets your outfit apart from anything else. You’re anything but simple in your choices.

Woman wearing bold outfit with red beret and jacket walks outside.
Source: Envato.

Forget about the same ol’, same ol’ where your style is concerned. You’ll readily wear the denim, button-down mini skirt with a sequined tank top and open-toe booties on a night out. A sleek jumpsuit with a chunky statement necklace was made for you, just as much as a bohemian-influenced top with leggings. The beauty of you is in your confidence — you’ll wear any of these looks with your head held high.

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Architect: Imaginative, logical, independent

Your confidence and intelligence may put you on another planet from the mainstream, and that’s just the way you like it. A strategic thinker, you love acquiring new knowledge and checking goals off your to-do list — and when you set your mind on style, few will have you beat. Even so, style can be burdensome to you when higher pursuits have your attention. 

In your perfect world, your closet is filled with versatile, mix-n-match pieces that’ll combine to take you anywhere. You love blazers, feminine blouses, pencil skirts, and tailored trousers, along with more comfortable options like leggings and tunics. You aren’t scared of making a statement, but only when it feels right. Keep a collection of fun and colorful accessories on hand to take advantage of those opportunities. 

Logician: Flexible, resolved, intellectual

People turn to you when they’re in the throes of a problem — and you never fail to come through. You can thank your flexibility, forward-thinking habits, and imagination for your reputation as a reliable fixer. For all that effort, though, you prefer to be heard instead of seen. And that’s strongly conveyed through strategic wardrobe choices that keep you strictly out of the spotlight.

You are purposeful in your clothing selections. You’ve got a dependable rotation of classic pieces, from simple sheath dresses and tailored pants to sweatpants and tank tops. If there’s any break from this safe code of style ethics, it’s the occasional bright color designed to shake things up. You favor cuts that flatter — nothing form-fitting here, thanks — and your accessories are understated and timeless.

Commander: Ambitious, approachable, organized

You are undoubtedly the leader in the room, and you’re proud of your ability to remain cool and collected in the face of chaos. There’s a method to all that you do, and people turn to you for your combination of book and street smarts. You trust in the classic pieces that have proven themselves reliable over the decades — those key pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Fashion isn’t the most important detail in your life, but it’s easy for you to select the most flattering pieces simply because you know exactly what you like. Crisp tan trench coats, structured blazers, smart trousers, sleek pencil skirts, and low-profile heels all work like a charm for you. When you’re feeling casual, you love pieces that are easy — yoga pants, jeans, and throw-on-and-go tops are essential.

Debater: Engaged, inventive, inquisitive

You’re not one for routine, which is why you’re not likely to wear jeans and a tee every single day of the week. You’re interested in norm-breakers and rule-shakers — unconventional pieces that take their cue from basics but go in entirely different directions. You’re not afraid to try something new to determine if it’s right for you and won’t be scared off if it doesn’t work.

Let loose! You’re up for anything from skinny jeans and knee-high boots to leather pants and gothic blazers. It’s your natural curiosity for all things and connection with fun style that makes everything an approachable option for you, even if it’s something that you wouldn’t normally imagine you’d wear. Accessories are your best friends, and you love using them to complete your outfits.

Virtuoso: Reserved, logical, quick

Getting the job done right is what you do best, and you pride yourself on your analytical mind and ability to frame situations in different lights. You’re pragmatic and efficient, and those traits shine in your preferred outfits that symbolize how you feel about fashion — basically, you haveto wear clothes, and they should be as fastidious and sensible as you.

To that end, it’s all about hard-working wardrobe essentials. Think of the basics — the little black dress, the denim jacket, the structured blazer, the wide-leg pant, the smartly tailored jean. You aren’t averse to adventurous, less classic options, such as cropped pants and floaty tops, so long as they’re comfortable and flattering. You love to wear color, but it comes in second thanks to the many stylish neutrals that dominate your closet.

Adventurer: Sensitive, elegant, thoughtful

Sweetness and light may well have been the code words that defined you from the start. You’re a sensitive soul who finds joy in helping others and in the peace and harmony that surrounds you. Your style mirrors this penchant for no drama, and you veer toward quietly stylish, effortlessly designed pieces in soft color palettes.

It’s easy for you to find pieces you love thanks to the abundance of cozy knits and romantic pastels that fill the racks. Dainty details, like delicate bows and ditsy floral prints, add sweet accents to tea-length dresses, pencil skirts, and airy tops. Ballet flats and sporty slip-on sneakers are equal partners in your wardrobe, while light chains and bracelets add minimal finishing touches.

Entrepreneur: Vivacious, spontaneous, active

You know how to mingle, and you do so with a smile and a positive attitude. You love grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns, and there’s no better way for you to show your spirit than through your clothing choices. Statement pieces were made for you, from the accent garment that breaks up the monotony to the head-turning accessory that appears straight off the runway.

Your spontaneous streak means you probably don’t put a whole lot of thought into every single outfit. And you don’t need to, since your closet is likely full of garments that do all the work for you. Jewel tones and bold stripes serve you well, and you can’t get enough of a smart suit with something bold peeking out from beneath. You wouldn’t say no to a pair of sleek heels or a slouchy-chic handbag.

Entertainer: Friendly, lively, playful

You’ve never met a party you didn’t like — and the same applies to an adventurous article of clothing. You’re not afraid to try new things, mingle with complete strangers, and embrace spontaneous styles that look good to you at a glance. That could be anything from a color you’ve never worn before to a quirky print that stands out in a crowded room.

You’re all about fun and good times, both of which are readily expressed through your style. An edgy cropped pantsuit, a cutoff tee with runway-worthy track pants, a pair of sky-high stiletto heels — you can tick these off one by one for a look you’ll love. Even your loungewear is more of the creative variety, from plush velour pieces to luxe, off-the-shoulder knits with form-fitting leggings.

Enneagram types and style

The nine Enneagram types are described below, along with a few style notes.

Perfectionist: Purpose-driven, disciplined

You are on a mission to be your best self and bring the world along with you for the ride. Your passion and instinct drive you in the direction that feels right, but only if you can justify that direction with logic.

You are a master of dressing for the occasion, even if you occasionally overthink your style choices. You like structured, classic pieces but not exclusively. Your ideal outfit is often comprised of tried-and-true separates with one trendy accessory.

Helper: Giving, protective

You are loving and supportive and your style reflects that. You prefer comfy, approachable pieces in warm and inviting hues. Cardigans with ponte pants make for a perfect work outfit. On the weekends, you like joggers and soft t-shirts.

Achiever: Practical, driven

You are pragmatic and charming but also self-oriented. You strive to make a good impression, always, in style and in spirit. You like to wear the latest and greatest trends, but it can leave your practical side frustrated when your closet is full of outdated pieces at the end of the season.  

Individualist: Moody, articulate

Woman wearing floral dress raises her arms outside.
Source: Envato.

You are in a class of your own, though you love forging deep connections with others. You feel all your feeling and you love beautiful things. As such, you are drawn to pretty pieces that flow elegantly, such as Boho dresses, floral patterns, and organic accessories like woven bags and leather bracelets.

Investigator: Insightful, creative

You are curious and perceptive. Your comfort zone is in utilitarian, unobtrusive garments that allow you to think profoundly. You lean into soft fabrics, neutral colors, and comfortable shapes that reflect your analytical and attentive nature. Maxi dresses and soft denim jeans are your mainstays.

Loyalist: Dedicated, cautious

You are cautious and tend to worry, but you are also a steadfast and loyal friend. Your clothing choices tend to stay within convention. You wear jeans and t-shirts on casual days and sheath dresses and flats for business occasions. You might benefit from expanding gently outside your comfort zone with a colorful scarf or a bold nail color.

Enthusiast: Impulsive, joyful

You love adventure and spontaneity. You are perpetually cheery, even if also sometimes distracted and unorganized. Your fashion sense is fluid. You might fall in love with a trendy style of boot one week and then be all about sandals the next. Use that changing energy to create outfit combos that reflect you and your many facets.

Challenger: Assertive, determined

You are confident and outspoken, to the extent that few who know you will cross you. You prefer bold, statement-making pieces. Play up your strong personality with powerful silhouettes, vivid colors, and high-quality materials.

Peacemaker: Relaxed, approachable

You are calm and soothing. People are drawn to you for your relaxed and cheerful nature. Fashion may not be a priority for you, since you don’t feel a compelling need to wear garments that make one impression or another. Lean into your personality with soft fabrics like knits and organic cotton. Easy silhouettes like joggers and casual rompers are comfortable go-tos.

Personality and personal style

FWIW, I’m an architect on the 16 Personalities test and a Perfectionist according to Enneagram. I like organized closets, mix-and-match pieces, and fun accessories. No surprise there.

So how do I use this info? Well, when I’m feeling like my wardrobe options are inadequate, the personality notes can help me identify what’s missing. I can also look at what’s outside my style comfort zone to stretch my style chops. That could mean tapping into Campaigner world and picking up a Boho dress or top just to shake things up.

You can do the same. Knowing yourself makes you more confident about creating outfits that feel right and experimenting with new looks. That’s what style’s all about, right?