Beauty Advice: Tips for Deep Set Eyes

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Dear Budget Fashionista,  I have very deep-set eyes. What are some are tricks I can use to bring them out?

Answer: To bring out deep-set eyes, apply eyeliner on both the lower and upper lash lines, making sure to smudge and soften the line. Apply a lighter shade of eye shadow from the eyelash to the brow line and apply a slightly darker shade above the crease and blend. You can use darker shades of eye shadow for dramatic nighttime looks, but remember to blend the shadow above the brow bone.

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  • Karen

    @nicole the best way to apply eyeliner on deepset eyes on the bottom lashline is to apply it on the waterline. If you smudge it on the bottom it will look “dark” if this happens use white eyeliner and apply it to the waterline or inner corners of your eye to look “open”. Adriana Lima have deepset eyes and she always use this trick.

  • nicole

    i have tried to do all that with the eye liner n light eye showdow but as soon as i put anything near my lower eye lid it looks like i was punched in the eyes. lol im not sure if the eye liner is the best thing for me. Any help with this would be great