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Have Deep Set Eyes? Try These Makeup Tips

Creating your most alluring eye with makeup isn’t just about the products or colors you use. It’s about knowing your eye shape and using clever application tricks to enhance that shape. One eye shape that can be tricky to conquer is the deep-set eye.

As the name suggests, deep set eyes are set back into the skull — giving the illusion of a strong brow bone that can cast a shadow over the eyes. Deep set eyes often have a dark, mysterious look, and that’s a feature you can maximize. Follow these beauty tips to draw out those eyes out for a more captivating look.

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How to know if you have deep set eyes

Determine if you have deep set eyes with this simple trick. Touch your index finger to your brow bone and rest your palm against your cheek. Is your eye still open? If you can open and close your eye while holding your finger over it, you have deep set eyes.

Makeup tips for deep set eyes

Don’t forget the primer

It may seem like an irrelevant step, but primer does make a big difference in your final look. Primer helps makeup adhere to your skin and moisturizes for hours on end. Without it, your makeup may start to fade as soon as you leave the house.

Banish dark circles

Deep set eyes look naturally dark on their own. Throw dark, under-eye circles into the mix and you have a beauty disaster. While getting enough shut-eye at night usually keeps dark circles at bay, you can also resort to concealer when more sleep isn’t an option. If you have trouble with color matching, go to the beauty counter at your fav store and ask a consultant to help you.

Extend the crease upwards

While most eye shapes require a hint of color on the lid, ladies with deep set eyes can benefit from an extension of color. Apply a pale eyeshadow on the crease and extend it above the eye, almost to the brow. Leave a small gap between the crease color and eyebrow.

Line the lower lash line lightly

When it comes to your lower lash line, avoid dark eye colors like black and brown. Instead, use the same pale color that you used on crease lid to line your lash line. This will help pull the look together without dragging down your makeup with a too-dark color.

Open the eyes with lashes

Make your eyes look larger and more open with long lashes. If you have naturally long lashes, simply curl and darken them with mascara. If you lack long lashes, consider applying falsies. If you don’t like the look or heaviness of full lashes, try adding just a few individual lashes to give your natural eyelashes more fullness.

We’ve also heard good things about lash extensions. That may be an option for you if you don’t mind keeping your extensions clean and getting them filled every month.

Try these beauty strategies on your deep set eyes and let us know how you like your new look!

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Wednesday 1st of August 2012

@nicole the best way to apply eyeliner on deepset eyes on the bottom lashline is to apply it on the waterline. If you smudge it on the bottom it will look "dark" if this happens use white eyeliner and apply it to the waterline or inner corners of your eye to look "open". Adriana Lima have deepset eyes and she always use this trick.


Wednesday 20th of April 2011

i have tried to do all that with the eye liner n light eye showdow but as soon as i put anything near my lower eye lid it looks like i was punched in the eyes. lol im not sure if the eye liner is the best thing for me. Any help with this would be great

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