Makeup in a Flash: Sephora’s Free 2 Day Delivery Service

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Yesterday, select Sephora fans were emailed an invitation to join Sephora Flash.  Translation: Everyone’s favorite makeup store most likely reached out to their best customers.  Further translation: Those with an ungodly stash of beauty insider points. (Raising my hand here.) 

Sephora Flash is a pilot program that sounds similar to Amazon Prime, which offers free 2-day shipping with no minimum purchase for an annual fee of $79.  Sephora’s program offers unlimited, free 2-day delivery on eligible purchase for $10 a year.  We’re not sure what consists of “eligible purchases,” but we’re assuming most items qualify.

Currently, the program is invite only.  Compared to Amazon Prime’s fee, $10 is very reasonable.  Then again, Amazon’s inventory includes everything from books to fish sauce to electronics, whereas Sephora is confined to the beauty sphere.  On one hand, free shipping prevents you from making additional purchases to qualify for free shipping.  On the other hand, what’s stopping you from non-stop ordering because, well, shipping is free?

What are your thoughts on Sephora Flash?

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    I absolutely love it and signed up immediately! I got the email last week. I am one of those with an ungodly stash of beauty insider points. I will probably end up with more impulse buys now that I no longer have to scour the site for items I don’t need in order to reach $50 for free shipping. Lack of free shipping has always been a deterrent for me when it comes to online shopping, so this is awesome.

    I’m with Nichole. Awesome idea and for a fabulous price! I’ve already made a small purchase when I signed up Monday and my item was dropped off at 11:45am on Wednesday!

    Love this concept. I’ve spent so much money on random crap to make that $50 free shipping minimum.

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