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4 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding

The bridezilla who prescribes weekly CrossFit sessions so her bridesmaids can fit into $300 Amsale dresses.  The overly-involved mother-in-law who insists on Ocean View suites for the whole fam.  We’ve all heard “those” stories before.

Perhaps it was a friend’s cousin’s sister-in-law or a coworker’s former boss.  Weddings can ignite everyone’s inner crazy, and in our culture where your picture perfect wedding is just a pin away, we get it.

What we also get?  Weddings aren’t all petunias and peonies, and a hefty wedding bill can be a sobering reality.  According to the recently released Real Weddings Survey, the average cost of a wedding is $30K in the US.  If you live in Manhattan, that average jumps way, way up to $86K.  $86,000!  Let that sink in for a bit.  That buys you a house in some parts of the US.

Those numbers are scary.  Like wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-hyperventilating scary.  With your wedding, it’s about finding that fine balance between planning your dream day and not ending up in crippling debt.  Here are some money saving tricks to help you along the way. 

4 Money Saving Wedding Tips to Keep in Mind

Ask for a discount: Found your dream dress, but it’s a tad over budget?  Be honest and ask for a discount.  It can be a bit awkward to talk about money, but the worse they can do is say no.

Pay in cash: Offer to pay in cash in exchange for a discount.  Many vendors will knock off a certain percentage if you can pay cash.

Negotiate services: Take a look at the service, and see if you can rethink some of the services.  For example, could your florist use cheaper flowers in the same color for a discount?  Or maybe you can forgo the professional album from your photographer?

Keep the registry small: How many blenders and towels and wine glasses do you really need?  Keep the registry small for more traditional guests who may prefer it.  While you can’t outright say that you prefer cash, you can gently insinuate it.  Have close friends and family spread the word.
What other money saving wedding tips can you suggest Let us know by commenting below!