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Reunion Dress Code: The Biggest Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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The dreaded high school reunion. Or maybe, it’s the highly anticipated reunion. That invitation is coming either way. And no matter what high school experience you had, that invite is almost guaranteed to inspire feelings of anxiety and confusion.

I mean, is it a general rule that reunion information has to be as vague and confusing as possible or what? As if there isn’t enough concern around meeting up with people you (probably, most-likely, almost definitely) put in your past for a reason.

But then again, it could be fun. It could give you the chance to reconnect with some old friends. It could be a chance to prove, hey,  you turned out alright, or even just give you a break from the office, or the baby, or anything else that’s become your life since leaving your adolescence for the “real world.”

Maybe it’s your 10-year, maybe it’s your 30th. The numbers don’t matter. What does matter is how much you stress out over wanting to look your best.

With so much left up in the air regarding the high school reunion dress code, there are only a few ways to ensure no Romy & Michele-esque scenario goes down. And that starts with being comfortable in clothing, sure, but also in your own skin.

Sure-Fire Fail: Going over the Top

Don’t go over-the-top to impress anyone other than yourself. If you love rockin’ a mini on the regular, rock on. If you don’t normally teeter around in heels, but strap them on because of some invisible idea of necessity…you’re likely to be stuck on the sidelines all night. Or worse, you’ll lose your balance and take a dive into the punch bowl. Just say no.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Reach out to your old friends to touch base on their planned dress code. If a group of you set a dress code, you won’t be alone in sticking out. And, your ‘grams will look great.

Don’t Ignore Your Style

Know your style. Know your body. Know what works for you and, most importantly, makes you feel good. Because when you feel good, you’re happier.

Don’t Forget to Check the Location 

Dress to the location of the event. You likely weren’t given a dress code at all (I know I wasn’t) so if it’s in a local bar, you might consider the attire to be a little more casual than, say, one being held in a ballroom or country club.

Don’t Overlook the LBD

When in doubt, wear black. It’s slimming, eternally glamorous–even in the most casual of pieces–and works for every skin tone.

If you need some more concrete advice, you’re in luck. Here are our top picks for foolproof high school reunion fashion ideas.

Top High School Reunion Style Picks

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