Why We Love Kris Jenner Style (And You Should Too!)

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Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West

Style icons come in all ages, shapes and sizes.

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner is the least flamboyant of her clan, and we love her for it. Whether she’s walking the red carpet or the streets of LA, Kris never strays from her personal style brand — proving that truly stylish women can skip the shock-and-awe outfit choices and just go with what works.

And for Kris, what works is fairly simple. On formal occasions, momma Kardashian reaches for all-black dresses that fall below the knee and hug the body just a little. On the street, Kris is often seen wearing a pant-blazer-boot combination, again all in black. She might also bring along a statement tote bag or incorporate wide stripes or blocks of white.

Simply put, Kris’ fashion choices don’t run the gamut. From what we’ve seen, she’s honed her wardrobe down to just a few style statements. And this makes her a perfect icon for any budget fashionista. I mean, imagine how many more outfits you’d have if every piece in your closet was black?

So let’s dive in to some of Kris’ best looks, and how you can copy them.

Kris Jenner Style

Silk PJ Suit

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian wearing all black

The embellished silk PJ set isn’t streetwear for most of us — but let’s look past the obvious for a sec. Here, Kris is wearing her traditional all-black ensemble and mixing things up with texture instead of contrast. You can lift the same strategy, without leaving the house in your bed wear.

The Look for Less


Get your bedroom look on with a satin jumpsuit and blazer. A more tailored leg and tie at the waist keeps you from looking frumpy. If this neckline is too aggressive for you, add in a silk cami underneath.

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