Kitsch Hip Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe Right Now

There’s no better way to break out of a winter wardrobe rut than to add a little kitsch – borderline tacky, but somehow adorable pieces – into your daily look. Now, we’re not saying have your Aunt Edna crochet you an orange acrylic poncho or to wear a Care Bears t-shirt to the office, but adding a few kitsch accessories (like the Teddy Bear Cocktail bag below) to your wardrobe can add a bit of much needed sunshine to an otherwise boring winter outfit.

Check out our Kitsch Picks Below:

Kitsch Fashion

1. UO Teddy Bear Cocktail Bag, $48, Urban Outfitters
Let’s face it, cocktail bags are inherently kitsch (we’re looking at your Judith Leiber), so why not push the envelope a bit with this Teddy Bear Cocktail bag made of metal? This is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

2. Cupcake Beanie, $30 at
We know you’re a sweet person (cause all TBF reader are, right?) and you can show your sweet side with this kitschy cupcake beanie, $30 from the folks at Neff, at one of our favorite kitsch stores, Fredflare (love!).

3. Leather Cut Away Fingerless Gloves. $31.03 at
Yeah, we know you had a girl crush on Pat Bentar back in the day and what better way to rekindle that crush that to get a pair of studded fingerless gloves? Exactly.

Kitsch Fashion

4. Hair Tie Ball, $3.50 at
There’s nothing like a good hair tie, and this ball helps you keep them near and dear. This is what we like to call “useful” Kitsch.

5. Hello Kitty 13 inch Laptop Sleeve, $45.00 at
A hip kitsch list wouldn’t be complete with the reigning queen of kitsch — Hello Kitty herself. This sleeve is a welcome departure from the otherwise boring laptop sleeve. While the sleeve isn’t cheap ($45!), it’s a conversation starter (or ender depending on who you’re talking to).

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