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How to Wear Capris If You’re Tall

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Most tall girls will agree that clothing options are limited when you near or surpass the six-foot mark. While those long, model-esque legs look amazing in skirts and bikinis, capris are tough to pull off. It’s true of any garment that’s supposed to hang at a specific spot on your bod — these pieces are made for girls of a smaller stature.

And that means your capris look more like knickers than ankle pants. Fortunately, there are a few workarounds for tall girls. Read on for the scoop on how to wear capris if you’re tall.

Shop the Tall Section

Apologies for stating the obvious, but sometimes you have to put blinders on unless you’re browsing the tall section. Even though those ultra cute, bright red capris look perfect on the skinny, 5’4″ mannequin.

When you’re in the market for capris, shop your favorite tall collections first. Here are some options we like:

Pay Attention to the Hemline

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When shopping for capri pants, aim for a hemline that ends about mid-calf. Some longer capris extend down to the ankle, and these can look like high-waters on a tall girl. And, as a general rule of thumb, the most flattering pant is the one that ends at the point where your leg begins to narrow. For most of us, this is mid-calf or lower.

Choose Your Top Wisely

Tall woman wearing long top and wide-legged capris

What you wear with your capris can rebalance your whole body. To make your legs look longer, reach for a shorter top. If you feel like your legs are already eight miles long, a tunic is the right choice. It’ll elongate your upper body and put those long legs of yours in check.

Try Wide-Legged Cropped Pants

Black and white striped wide-legged crop pants for tall girls

Taller ladies, you’re in luck! While wide-legged cropped pants appear boxy on shorter ladies, they look great on longer legs. However, you’ll want to prevent the outfit from looking too baggy by sporting the capris with a fitted top.

Navy wide legged crop pants for tall women

Choose Fun Flats

Your choice of shoe also adds balance where you need it. Capris do a good job at elongating the legs without much help. If you pair them with heels, you’ll draw all eyes to those legs — which is great when you feel like making a runway statement.

On other days, a chic pair of flats work beautifully with capris. Your casual options include sneakers and ballet flats. For a dressier look, try gladiator sandals or embellished flats.

Opt for Neutral Colors

Avoid crazy patterns or colors when shopping for capri pants. Instead, stick with a neutral color that won’t draw attention to your lower half. If you want the vibrancy of a bright color or pattern, well, that’s what tops are for.

pants and capris 1

Capris are not easy for most women to pull off. And things get even more complicated when you’re tall. Even so, you don’t have to skip out on this classic spring style entirely — it takes only a little savvy shopping to let those lower calfs see the light of day!

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