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How to Shop Last Call Stores

It’s easy to find the negative in last call stores like damaged goods or unorganized chaos, but don’t let a few bad apples ruin the bunch. Finding a coveted pair of designer shoes or a signature dress at an epic price can make all the treasure hunting in the world worthwhile. Think of it like thrifting, sure there’s a lot of junk, but when you find the good stuff (at killer prices no less), it’s really freaking good.


The less sophisticated version of sibling company TJ Maxx, Marshalls housing many of the same brands, and a lot more inexpensive ones. (I know…more inexpensive? How is that possible?) At any given time you can come across the same tops you’ve seen in Nordstrom, a killer shoe selection and funky vintage-inspired pieces. It’s an eclectic mish-mosh, that takes both hunter and gatherer mentalities, but you can walk away with so much, for so little.


The best part about this brand’s last call store is the online feature. Many of these department store outlet’s have locations across the US but in our tech-happy age, (not to mention short attention span, interest in dealing with other shoppers and more), if we need a product that’s not available locally, we want to be able to go home and order it online, no hassle. Neiman Marcus Last Call  has an amazing online presence that let’s you shop from home, or search what’s going on in store’s around your area.


Merchandise that makes it to a Nordstrom Rack, has generally been on the regular Nordstrom sales floor for quite some time. The product can see two to three mark downs at a clearance price before being “racked,” but that’s not to suggest that this product is bottom of the barrel, by any means. At a Nordies Rack you can find the same contemporary and classic designers you would find in the Via C and Collectors section of a regular Nordstrom. The trick is to snag it before others do; check in frequently at a Nordstrom department store and a rack store to keep tabs on what’s arrived and what might be showing up soon.


This Saks Fifth Avenue outlet houses all the same luxury brands you know and love, and organizes them by rack so you can head straight to your favorites. Off Fifth offers packed clearance racks for merchandise that’s been on the floor too long, where you can score seasonal favorites like holiday dresses and classics like denim, alike. Sign up for anything the Saks brand offers for coupons on already discounted prices, and shop big weekend sales, as well as Friends + Family times to save even further.


Despite uninformed shoppers throwing TJ Maxx into the off-merchandise category, we’re pleased to report that 95% of TJ Maxx goods is completely normal, leftover goods. Maxx buyers purchase overstock product opportunistically (aka whenever it becomes available), so while seasonal product may not always coincide with the actual calendar, rest assured, the majority of the goods are in original selling quality.

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