How to Shop Department Stores

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Department stores are the ultimate one-stop shop for budget fashionista needs. Filled with all the designer brands we know and love at promotional prices, these stores offer fashion, beauty and home goods in one convenient, but often over-sized location. To quickly sift through the overwhelming amount of merchandise packed into these power houses, follow The Budget Fashionista’s tips and tricks to shopping department stores.

Between personal shoppers and Bloomies online services, this department store has nearly eliminated the need to drop into the store altogether, but bringing home that iconic big brown bag is half the fun. Utilize the countless look books, wish list features, and behind the scenes videos available through the brand’s great in-store customer service and online presence, to lock down gifts for friends, family, or yourself.

While this top tier department store may not be the biggest fan of promotional pricing, budget fashionistas can still find refuge in great sale and clearance sections. Like with any designer purchase, stick to searching for classic pieces at NM  that can carry over from season to season. Keep tabs on pieces you fall in love with by checking online and Last Call sale stock.

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  • I’d much rather stop at a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s first to get the really low prices. I went into a Macy’s recently (after years of not shopping there at all) and my eyes were bugging out of my head looking at the prices. I can’t afford those prices.