How to Shop Trendy Stores

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We’ll say it, these stores are cheap. Sometimes we mean in price, and sometimes we mean in quality, but if you’re shopping these correctly, you only need trend store selections to last you a season or two. There are the perfect shops for picking up seasonal items to add to your base wardrobe. Keeping prices low is key for trend pieces, as you’ll need to swap out these items as fast as they come and go off the runways. You’re looking for an item in the “It” color or pattern for the month, so stick to statement jewelry, printed blouses and novelty jackets as the types of items to pick up at your local trend stores to add seasonal flair to your closet.

Forever21 is the epitome of fast fashion, and every budget fashionista’s first stop for filling up on trends. Keep in mind Forever21’s return policy (err…exchange policy) and shop smart. Buy online or buy in store, but don’t plan on comparing the two and coming across the same merchandise. Restocks and sizing are hit or miss in the quantity versus quality world of Forever21.

One of the first brands to tap into the high turnover of trend fashion, Wet Seal has become a mainstay in teen and young adult fashion. We use the word teen strongly because much of the merchandise is tight and bright. But if you use your imagination there are some hidden gems amongst the mini merchandise…is anyone else thinking Vegas? The teeny outfits come paired with teeny price tags, but if that’s not your style they’ve got some great all-ages accessories and jewelry.

There always seems to be some kind of sale going on at Charlotte Russe  making their already inexpensive clothes, just ridiculously cheap. The merchandise isn’t exactly built to last, but at $5 for a tank or cami, it’s usually best to stock up while the opportunity presents itself. Charlotte Russe is also great for adding some footwear style to your wardrobe, and most stores have a wall o’ shoes filled with variations of every sandal, pump and boot trend currently on the market.

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  • Audra

    Great tips! I thought I might add DOTS to your list. On-trend, fab low prices. If you have a Dots in your area, it’s definitely worth the visit. High marks in the accessories and tops area. They offer standard sizes and PLUS!! Sign up on their email list for great coupons and speciall offers. Happy Shopping!!

    * I am in no way affiliated with DOTS. Just a happy shopper!

    • TBF

      dots was definitaly the spot back in the day 🙂