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How to Shop Kohls

From its self-proclaimed humble beginnings in 1962, Kohls department store has expanded to now posses stores in 49 states. But more importantly, (for a fashionista, at least) they’ve gotten Vera Wang on board!

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We like Kohls (esepcially the Lauren Conrad line… tres cute). So we toether this guide to help you get the most out of your experience? Read on, ladies.

How to Shop Kohl’s

Kohl’s Cares
Yes, Kohl’s offers chic fashions at a surprising price, but we’ll get to that in a minute. When you’re filling up your shopping cart in store or online with clothes, housewares, accessories or cosmetics, leave a little room to do some good. Kohl’s supports a number of causes including women’s health and kids’ education, and for just $5, you can help them make a difference. Support breast cancer research with the purchase of a Food Network mug or help a child’s future with a Llama Llama storybook. You’ll feel better not only about how much money you saved, but about where your money went.

Kohl’s Partnerships
Vera Wang, Lauren Conrad, Dana Buchman… we could go on. Kohl’s has some pretty stellar collaborators, and for once, you don’t have to pay a big price for the name on the label. And these lines are only available at Kohl’s. While online, you can shop each collection individually, or you can find trends that run through all collections. But don’t think that women’s clothes are the only areas where big names are involved. The Food Network, Avril Lavigne, Tony Hawk and Rachael Ray are a few names you’ll find elsewhere.

Kohl’s Deals
There are a lot of discounts to be had at Kohl’s, but if you’re going to master shopping the retailer, you’ve got to differentiate. There are deals that are available to anyone nationwide,a dn those will help you when shopping online. But when it comes to the stores, discounts vary from store to store. To find out what’s uniquely cheap at your store, visit the weekly ads section of the website and find your local Kohl’s. Depending on what you want to purchase, you might find it cheaper to shop online one day, and in stores the next. One way you can always save money? Sign up for e-mail alerts and earn savings on purchases in stores and online.

Kohl’s Guides
Whether shopping in the store or online, you’re never in the dark. Kohl’s offers detailed product guides that cover just about everything it sells. From size charts for every brand of shoes and apparel to maintenance guidelines for irons and blenders, Kohl’s helps you make the right purchase and take care of it afterward.

Kohl’s Service
Kohl’s is famous for its return policy. Even without a receipt, you can still return anything for at least store credit. But that’s not the only act of kindness the retailer shows daily to its customers. Did you know about gift wrapping, even on items that ship? What about e-gift cards and price adjustments on items you bought before they went on sale? There are so many unique services, we just don’t have time to go over them all, but look up customer service on the website or visit that area of the store to learn more.

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