How to Shop Neiman Marcus

It doesn’t get much more posh than Neiman, so the idea of budget shopping on its Web site might seem laughable, but not all together impossible. Follow our tips that make the online shop a tad more accessible.

How to Shop Neiman Marcus Online

Sales & Values. We say skip paying full price for Neiman Marcus items and start your shopping experience by clicking on the Sales & Values section. In this section, you can search sale items by designer, new arrivals or most effectively, by category and size. The best part of the sale section is the Last Call Clearance with items starting at 65% off. Since quality is as important as price, this is a good place to pick up a Diane von Furstenberg classic wrap dress or a Lavender Label Vera Wang gown that will end paying for itself over time when applying the cost per wear ratio. Plus, you still have 30 days to return them if it doesn’t work out.

Practice TBF’s 70/30 Rule. Avoid getting overly excited about seeing an “it” bag on sale – if it’s one sale, then it’s probably no longer an “it” bag because the store is making room on the shelves for the next purse that everyone has to own. When trying to stay within your shopping budget, follow the 70/30 rule: 70 % of your closet should be classic pieces, 30% trendy, and please stick to the cheaper retailers for items that will only last a season.

Avoid Paying Shipping Cost. often offers free shipping on orders over $150 and occasionally on the entire order, no matter the final sale total.

In Store Returns. While online shopping is convenient in so many ways, not being able to see the item in person and try it on is a major drawback for most consumers. With purchases made at you can avoid the hassle of returning items by mail and take it back to the store. Note that credit for the return cannot be directly done at the store; instead you will receive an acknowledgment slip for the credit to be refunded once the item makes its way back to the warehouse, which is annoying, but you can at least save on the return shipping cost.

Price Adjustments. There is nothing worse than buying something and seeing it go on sale a week later. offers a one-time price adjustment for items purchased within a 10-day period. It excludes the Last Call Online Clearance and temporary special promotions, but does include the permanent online sale items, so make sure you check back to see if your item has been marked down.

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Part of Neiman Marcus retail stores’ simultaneous allure and repel has been over its payment policy of only accepting the proprietary store credit card, American Express cards, cash, check or gift cards. However, allows you to pay with your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover cards making online transactions and going into debt a little easier.

Fashion News and Sales. Be in the know. Register on the homepage for a periodic email from You will learn when new markdowns happen, get a heads up on Last Call Clearance sales, and have a chance to sign up and win shopping spree giveaways.

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