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How to Shop Neiman Marcus

Want to learn how to budget shop on the Neiman Marcus website? Yeah, us too! You expect high prices and high fashion from Neiman Marcus, so it’s not exactly the first store you’d visit when you’re watching your pennies. Still, there are some shopping strategies you can use to make the experience just a bit more accessible. Let’s dive in.

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How to shop Neiman Marcus online

1. Don’t stray from the sale pages

Once you type into your browser, be disciplined about clicking right over to the sale page. As of this writing, it’s on the far right side of the website’s horizontal menu.

From the main sale page, you can jump into the women’s sale collection. My suggestion would be to use the price filter on the left. There’s no better way to stay on budget than to limit your exposure to everyone that’s beyond your range.

Woman shopping online.

As of this writing, the lowest option in that price filter is “less than $150.” That’s the bad news. The good news is Neiman Marcus has more than 3,000 items available in that price range. If you change the sort option to organize the collection from lowest to highest price, you’ll see a lot of panties and lip colors priced under $30. That can be frustrating to scroll through if you’re looking for something specific, so try filtering by category or designer instead.

A few interesting options that I see are:

2. Shop offseason

Shopping offseason is a tried-and-true method for paying less than full price. It’s especially applicable at Neiman. As long as you don’t mind having wearing last season’s clothes, you can save A LOT. As I write this in November, the majority of sale items are summer pieces — short dresses, skirts, tanks, cut short-sleeved tops, etc.

The offseason discounts are sizable, too. The shift dress for $129 mentioned above, for example, is marked down from a regular price of $288.

3. Return in-store

You may change your mind once you try on that piece you bought online. Plan on returning unwanted items to a Neiman Marcus store within 30 days of delivery. That way, you won’t have to pay the return shipping cost and you should be able to sidestep the $9.95 return fee. See more about Neiman Marcus returns here.

4. Check the shipping policy

Don’t pay for shipping. That takes an expensive piece and makes it more expensive.

Neiman Marcus occasionally offers free shipping and free returns on all orders. Use those times to shop — check the website’s top bar for that status of that offer or chat with an associate online.

When the normal shipping policy is in place, many items qualify for free three-to-five day shipping. Some items qualify for free pick up in store. Use those options if sitewide free shipping isn’t available.

5. Don’t get the credit card

Neiman Marcus’ loyalty program relies on a branded credit card. Essentially, you get loyalty points for every dollar you charge to that card — including purchases at the gas station and the grocery store.

That may seem like a great way to get discounts at Neiman Marcus, but it’s probably not worth it. Think about it. Any loyalty dollars you earn are immediately less practical, because you can only spend them in a very expensive store. You’re better off getting a cash back card. You can use cash at stores that have less extreme markups.

6. Use the price adjustment

If you buy something at regular price and Neiman subsequently drops the price, you can get a price adjustment. You only have 10 days to request it though. Plan on watching the price of the items you buy carefully.

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