How to Shop Your Own Closet in 7 Simple Ways

What: We recently spotted a Yahoo! Shine story on how to shop clothes from your own closet, including putting your Pinterest procrastination hobbies to work, seeking second opinion (and we don’t mean your trusted doctor here), and making your own closet inventory.

What They Say:

When dealing with private clients, I always say the same thing. “Let’s look at your closet before we shop.” You’d be surprised how many clients do not in fact have to buy many if any pieces to add to their wardrobe. 

What We Say:By no means are these tips by writer Yanira Garza in any way groundbreaking, TBH. However (cue Martha Stewart here) it’s always a good thing to be reminded of simple, I-should-have-thought-about-that tips that we tend to forget, especially in between our excitement for newly opened online stores and designer collections that we can totally afford for once.

The best part? You don’t have to have a closet like Alicia Silverstone’s in Clueless to make these tips work. Shopping your own closet isn’t about finding new items, but making old items work in a fresh, new way.

Check out all seven tips on how to shop clothes from your own stockpile here.

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