How to Keep your Makeup from Melting this Summer

Summer’s here! OK, unofficially, but who cares . . . summer’s here!

Now, if only we could enjoy the weather and keep our makeup from melting. Just once, we’d love to sit through a summer picnic—or anything for that matter—without our makeup dripping as fast as a buttery corncob.

Here are some suggestions on how you can help stop your cheeks from morphing into your chin this summer.

Tips on How to Keep Your Makeup from Melting this Summer

Powder Power
We love how creamy blushes and foundations help make our skin glow, but the heat often takes us from creamy to cakey faster than you can say, “where’s the AC?”

Our beat-the-heat solution? Turn to light-reflecting powders instead of creams. They tend to last longer and still make your skin look amazing. Same goes for your lids. Much as we adore silky creams, we all know how the heat can turn our every blink into a creasy, uneven mess. Choose powdered eye color if you’re going to be out in the heat.

Get an Oil Change
Forego your oil-based anything and opt for water-based products instead. Oil-based and balmy don’t quite go together, at least not well. Oil + Heat = Slippery Face. Also, we like using a sponge applicator (not our fingertips) when applying foundation. Why? Fingers’ natural oils can also contribute to meltdowns. Every little bit of oil avoidance helps!

Get a Grip on Yourself!
In the heat, less is more. This time of year, we try our best not to slather ourselves into a moisturizer frenzy, especially ones that are thick and creamy. Sure, prepping your skin is important, but getting too moisturizer happy can interfere with makeup’s ability to properly “grab” (and stay) on your face.



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