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The Worst Fashion Trends: They Won’t Stand the Test of Time

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It’s so easy to fall in love with a trend because it looks great on a celebrity or catches your eye on Instagram. But so many of the hottest trends flame out after one season or two — and then are quickly dismissed for something far more practical.

So which trends can you expect to last for only a few months? Here are a few of the worst fashion trends we don’t expect to be wearable by the end of this year.

The Worst Fashion Trends This Year

Oversized hairpins

Jumbo hair accessories have certainly had a moment — check all the actresses who adorned their manes with glam clips and pins at the Academy Awards.

But…there’s not too much room in the long-term for a set of oversized hairpins. This is more of a purposeful piece than anything else, and it’s tough to envision imagine them having greater staying power than the classic small variety.

Voluminous clothes

In the same vein, oversized clothes are also enjoying their time in the spotlight. But wearing clothes that are three sizes too large is at best impractical. At worst, massive clothing is sloppy and unflattering.

So what if oversized garments look nonchalantly cool during Fashion Week? You’ll be way more confident wearing clothes that flatter your figure instead of adding bulk.

Puff sleeves

The puff sleeve feels a bit too old-world and costumey to work well in the real world. There’s possibly room for one in your closet, but it’s tough to make it a regular part of your wardrobe.

The subtle appeal of a cap sleeve is a more welcome alternative, mostly because it’s much more versatile.

Tube Tops

What is this, 1994? The days of pairing the tiniest of tops with overalls and paperbag waist pants should be well behind us. But in fact, this trend has emerged once again as warm-weather option.

Tube tops may work for some when it’s so balmy you can’t imagine wearing anything else. The more sartorial approach, though, would be a sleek, fitted top that’s just as cool but has far more longevity.

Open-Knit fabrics

Open-knits are confusing on two fronts. First, it sends a bunch of mixed messages. There’s the crochet dress, for example, that tries to be sexy even while it’s reminding you of grandma’s house. And then there’s mesh — the oddly angry uniform of the’80s rebel.

Secondly, there’s the question of styling. It’s see-through, but also has a heavy feel. What, exactly, do you wear with a fabric that could be mistaken for fishing net?

Sidestep those issues by choosing sheer or lightweight garments instead. They’ll provide that same airy look with the bonus of being more practical and easier to style.

Are you investing in any of these fashion trends? Let us know in the comments!