Be a Clothing Expert with these 6 Secrets to Spotting High Quality Clothes

Do we really need to splurge in order to find high quality clothes? Not all of us can spend $400 on socks, and that’s okay. It’s about knowing how to spot affordable, reliable clothing without breaking the bank. That being said, here are 6 ways to pick out the best of the best.

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1. It’s Lined.  This is when you say ‘everything’s lined’. Not true. I’ve definitely picked up some jackets and skirts that could have used a little extra help. We all have that one garment in our closet, where we ask ‘‘why is this see-through?’  yet we take it home anyway because it’s ‘chic’. Yes, it’s true that some pieces are meant to be sheer, but most pieces need to be lined, or else the garment looks flimsy and cheap. For jackets and coats, I find  lined ones more comfortable against my skin than the un-lined ones.


Even a see-through shirt should have its limits.

2. Extra Notions Included– Ever had a jacket that zips and buttons up? How about a pair of pants with more than one hook-and-eye? When I’m trying on clothing, sometimes I wonder, ‘why did they put so many x’s, y’s, and z’s? Instead of asking, just count your blessings. Having an extra closure or a sturdy reinforced seam goes a long way if you don’t have a Singer handy.

3.  Straight Seams– Look at the seams. Are they dotted, crooked or coming apart? Not a good sign. Extra stitching, however, like top stitching,  is a good sign.  Usually pieces that have a lot of top-stitching are high quality pieces made with extra care.




Martha-Raye is a senior at the University of Delaware, majoring in Environmental Studies. She loves fashion and music, especially eco-fashion. In her spare time, she sews, works out, and snuggles up with Netflix.

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