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Be You: 5 Ways to Customize Your Clothes

We’ve all been there. You’ve picked out the dress or [insert favorite outfit here] for a fall wedding you’ve been excited about for months. Everything about it is on point, and you can’t wait...
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This Spring Fashion Trend Breaks the Mold

Spring typically brings with it the usual crop of picnic plaids, sweet gingham and floral for days. So when there’s a spring fashion trend pattern that breaks that traditional mold, we’re at least game for taking...
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Casual Luxe Trend: 5 Pieces You Need

Casual Luxe. It’s one part ‘Yeezy Season’, one part FENTY PUMA and countless parts Kardashian. There’s never been a better time to make all of your old sweats and cotton classics happen. The casual...
Woman wearing slip dress

Wearable Fall Fashion Trends to Revamp Your Wardrobe

Fall is on our doorstep. This time of year, shorts and dresses give way to warmer choices like boots and jackets. With every changing season, new looks pop up and old ones resurface. To...
Woman with varicose veins weaing compression sock

How to Cover Varicose Veins

Dear Budget Fashionista, As a 52-year-old woman with varicose veins, do I need to wear pantyhose in the winter? Can I wear long shirts that goes almost to my ankles? What do I wear?...
nude, low-rise pantyhose

Fashion Advice: Low Rise Pantyhose

Dear Budget Fashionista: Where can I find a pair of panty hose that have a low rise? Hue used to make some that I could find at Macy’s, but last I checked, Macy’s didn’t...
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