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H&M Spring Preview 2019

Exterior of H&M store

Sustainable Style with Conscious

The people behind H&M have taken it upon themselves to bring fashion to the masses, and now they’re taking on even more responsibility by with a serious look inward. Out of concern for the treatment of individuals and the environment, the introspective retailer is working toward a more sustainable fashion future.

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Enter the Conscious Line. The concept, which dates back to 2011, is made from environmentally adapted and greener materials such as organic cotton, Tencel® and recycled polyester.

It’s not just about organic cotton any more, the possibilities for creating a complete fashion statement with eco smarter materials are huge now.

Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M Head of design (2011)

You’ll see the styling of Conscious is substantially more subdued than most of the pieces you’ll find in an H&M store. And this makes sense. It’s one thing to create garments out of sustainable materials. But an eco-friendly piece that can be worn season after season makes an even bigger positive impact.

Top Conscious Picks

The knit wrap dress

This soft gold dress offers a flattering shape as well as a beautiful backdrop for a colorful neck scarf or bag. Wear it with sneakers on casual days, or add a blazer and heels for work.

The wrapover blouse

Easy is the word for this striped top. The wrapover silhouette gives you that tidy, tucked look without having to struggle with it every time you go to the bathroom. Use it to dress up jeans or to top your favorite work pants. Even a soft grey pencil skirt would easily partner with this top.

The tunic

Green and black tunic with v neck
V-neck Tunic, $29.99, H&M

I love my tunics and this one’s right in my wheelhouse. The green, black and white pattern is right on trend, too. On hot days, this tunic can be a dress. On chillier days, match it up with leggings, tights or even skinny jeans.

The button down

This relaxed fit, button-down top can be your go-to on casual days when you don’t feel like a tee shirt. You might also rock it unbuttoned as a light layer, or buttoned with a thin belt at the waist for a different look.

Spring Preview: Prints and Denim

H&M’s traditional line-up for spring doubles down on animal prints and denim. As you’d expect, you’ll find affordable basics like cotton tees for $5, jeans for $10 and swimwear for $25.

Here are our top picks!

Patterned belt

You could invest in a $30 pair of snake print shorts this season. But as the budget fashion police, I’d advise against it. The snake print craze is wildly (haha) out of control at the moment — which always means those shorts will seem out of place next season.

Instead, get your animal prints on with an accessory. This belt for $10 is an adorable addition that you could wear for years to come.

Girly skirt

A floaty, knee-length skirt can perk up the spirits instantly — once it’s warm enough to wear it, of course. So many things to love about this piece, too! It’s striped (flattering), it has a tie-waist (flattering) and it has a very gentle A-line shape (yep, that flatters too).

Sheer blouse

If you’re timid about too much print in your closet, a sheer fabric might be the way to dip your toe in patterned waters. Wear this lightweight blouse over a cami, bralette or, heck, even a t-shirt bra if you want.

Jersey dress

I think I buy a jersey dress once a year from H&M. Last year, it was a heather gray number with two side slits and a cutout on the back. This year, it might be this one. I wear them anchored by sneakers and topped with a denim jacket.

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