Five Awesome Tips For Selling Your Clothes on eBay

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Target Missoni Boots for $30k. Vintage Chanel bags for $1,000. Everywhere you look, someone is trying to making a little side hustle off of their fashion finds on eBay. Of course, these high numbers sound enticing, but more than one person raised their eyebrows at the price tag of those Target Missoni boots.

So, how’s a girl to make a little cash from all that fabulous fashion she no longer wants? Well, here are a few tricks to success when it comes to eBay. First, you have to know your product and research past sales of similar products on eBay so you don’t get your hopes up. Then, take great pictures and be the seller you’ve always wanted to work with yourself. Below are more detailed explanations of our top five tips for selling on eBay. Good luck!

How to Sell Your Clothes on Ebay

1. Only Sell Great Products

Only Sell Great Products

Ask yourself, “Would I bid on this if I saw it on eBay?” No one wants your gym shirt from middle school, but they do want that Lilly Pulitzer dress you only wore once. Your product has to be in excellent condition (unless it’s something like a vintage handbag with some wear and tear). Check it thoroughly for stains and tears. If they are small, you could still be able to sell it since many people are adept at repairing such things, but you’ll have to write about it in the description.

2. Give It the Red Carpet Treatment

Give It the Red Carpet Treatment

You wouldn’t walk down the red carpet in a wrinkled dress that you picked up off the floor. And you wouldn’t be inclined to buy such a dress. So make sure your item looks great before taking pictures. Iron it. Wash it. Put it on a hanger. Whatever you have to do to wear it yourself, that’s how it should look in a picture.

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  • nikki

    I am a new seller on ebay, I started selling clothes out of my closet and then got addicted to it and now I shop at a store that sells cheap but nice clothes like a marshalls and I find new nice items and charge about $6 more than I pay. I have found some amazing deals at this store $1.49 Levis, same price for a black skirt and I stocked up on a ton of Roca wear, Dereon and southpole brand shirts that I found for $4.49 each anyway I am trying to find ways to sell more, when I started I sold more because it was tax season and now I don’t seem to be selling as much so I appreciate the tip about ending auctions on weekends, I’m trying to find a cheap mannequin now to help display the clothes better for anyone who is a beginner i have to recomend that you print your own shipping labels and learn about the shipping aspect of it because when I started selling I was spending almost $10 to ship everything because I didn’t know about the flat rate envelopes and things like that, I was paying priority prices and using my own boxes and paying extra for tracking and now it costs me an average of $2-$3 with tracking for every shirt I ship, I learned that by using a ziplock bag to put the shirts in and a yellow envelope to ship the item made it weigh a lot less than the boxes I was using so I could ship first class, and anything over 13 ounces I stuff into the flat rate envelope for $4.90, I just wanted to share my tip and I will also share my store that I get my stuff from which is DD’s discounts, anyone who has a DD’s near them can make money buying stuff from there and selling it on ebay. They have amazingly low prices and offer many different brands, I’ve seen lane bryant, apple bottoms, xoxo, torrid, roca wear, southpole, ecko and many more. Oh another thing I noticed is that plus size clothes sell better in my opinion because cute plus size clothes are hard to find, skinny girls can go in any store and find something cute for cheap. One thing I am wondering about though is: is it better to sell something with shipping included or free shipping where the price is higher but shippings included or is it better to have a lower price and then a shipping price?

  • w

    Very informative, this is great advice!

  • Donna J

    Oooo I forgot, there are a few exceptions, I’ve noticed that Kathy Lee (sold at Walmart) dresses tend to sell. They are well designed for the average woman in nice patterns and figure flattering styles, but as a general rule, don’t bother with clothes from Walmart.

  • Donna J

    Also, only sell high quality clothes. If you sell Walmart or Target brand clothes you won’t get any bids, between selling at a reasonable price to make you some money and shipping costs it’s just not worth it to buy compared to buying new at those stores. So you end up just paying ebay’s fees for nothing! So stick to designer or at least mall/boutique clothes where it’s worth it to the buyer to get a great deal and if you’re just getting rid of old clothes you still make something and sometimes a lot.

  • Kerry

    Clothes are probably one of the most sensible things to sell on eBay when economic times are tougher. People will always need to clothe themselves, so will always need to buy clothes. I started off selling a few bits and bobs, then I found that I quite liked it.

    Now for me, it’s a matter of dealing with suppliers and manufacturers, instead of just digging around in the back of my wardrobe. Can’t complain though. 🙂

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