We’ll Take Our Morning Hair with Half-and-Half: How to Make Half-Up/Half-Down Hair Hip

Credit: Stud Center

The half-up/half-down hairstyle has always been my go-to look for many reasons. First, let’s face it– I can’t stand it when my hair gets in my face. I’ve tried, ladies, trust me, but my day just goes better when I’m not fidgeting with my hair. So half- up/half-down it is. It’s a great choice because it’s easy to accomplish and can look as though you put in way more effort than say, a dressy ponytail. Of course, there are many ways to skin a cat put your hair half-up. Check out the celebrity styles we’ve featured to see what I mean.

How to Rock the Half-Up/Half-Down Hairstyle

Use a Middle Part

Use a Middle Part

Credit: Matt Baron/People.com

Instead of pulling all of your hair straight back, try a middle part in the front, smoothing your hair down the sides and securing it in the back with a pretty barrette or even bobby pins if you have short hair. This helps your half-up/half-down style to have a more unique, unpredictable look.

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