These Oversized Shades Would Make Jackie O. Proud

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  • September 30, 2012
  • Updated September 10, 2020
Black and white image of woman wearing large sunglasses
black and white image of woman wearing big sunglasses

This post about oversized sunglasses was last updated in February, 2019.

Even though we’re eager to break out the layers, we’re still soaking up the last bit of sun in oversized shades, for a dramatic end to our favorite kick-back season. With the glasses trend still leaning towards giant frames, the good news is, we can keep rocking our beloved sunnies well through fall.

Use them as your transitional piece to help casually vamp it up with oxblood shades and baroque prints, or take a cue from these bloggers and use ‘em as the focal point of your outfit. Cat-eye, round or boxy, the only key is “the bigger, the better.”

Oversized Shades on Instagram

A big mirrored lens always looks chic (and imposing too!) in a cat-eye frame. If you wear these, remember not to smile. Ever.
You can also rely on your sunnies to add color to your outfit. A bold red or orange lens really pops against lighter garments.
Prefer a more mainstream color and shape? Perfect — then choose an oversized frame and let that set the tone.
The aviator style isn’t in the classic, Jackie O vein, but we still love them! Wear these on your casual days for a sporty take on eye protection.

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