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Summer Outfit Inspiration: Chic Styles to Copy

Summer is just a few short months away, which gives us the perfect amount of time to go through our closet and decide what our summer getup is going to be composed of. If you’re in a style rut, now is the time to donate everything you don’t wear anymore, repurpose what you want to save and replace out-of-trend pieces with brand new ones.

Getting to that place, though, means you need summer outfit inspiration — which we have for you! We’ve scoured the web for eight gorgeous looks to help you retool your summer style.

1. Lace and High Waist

Summer outfit of tank top and high waisted pants
Source: Pinterest

Go classy, retro and feminine all in one by pairing a lacy, loose top with high-waisted pants. The key is to make sure your pants fit well, even if you have to get them tailored. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing your mother’s pants, right?

Tuck the blouse in and finish the look with high heels and a long string of pearls.

2. Fringes Unhinged

white fringe dress
Image source: Tumblr

Selective use of fringed hemmed pieces never goes out of style. Fringe is known for being the perfect choice for fun, bohemian babes. But you can still be successful with fringe when your tastes are more sophisticated. Go for light, flowy fabrics like silk and accessorize lightly. A simple clutch and strappy sandals work perfectly.

3. Old European Chic

Woman wearing black crop top and maxi skirt
Image Source: The Sartorialist

Why not channel Grace Kelly this summer? Just imagine you’re strolling through the narrow, cobbled streets of old Europe, be it Barcelona, Rome or Venice. What do you picture yourself wearing? How about a black maxi skirt, high waisted and with a scalloped hem that’s larger than life? If you’re bold enough, pair it with a crop top. Or choose a fitted, albeit full coverage, top. Finish the ballerina look with flats and sleek hair.  

4. Perfection in Tulle

Tulle can be elegant if you wear it right. A maxi tulle skirt with a fitted top in muted pastels is a combo inspired by Dior and Givenchy. Beware of the way you wear tulle and note that high quality, lined skirt is the trick to pulling this off successfully. See the finished edges in this look? That’s key — raw tulle has a tendency to look cheap.

5. The Man Shirt

Outfit with short skirt and masculine shirt

Wearing a men’s shirt  can be a sexy statement, or it can make you look sloppy. Avoid the sloppy path by rolling up your sleeves and tucking the shirt in to high-waisted pants. Layered necklaces keep the look super feminine.

6. Corsets

High waisted pants and bustier top
Image Source: Pinterest

Corsets have a high risk/reward ratio. They’re hard to wear, but look amazing when done right.  Choose a small, crop top type of corset, preferably in basic black and white or nude colors. Pair it with a high-waisted skirt or wide-legged pants. Do not lower the corset or the pants too much, as the outfit bares enough skin already. Classy flats are in order.

7. Kimono Chic

Kimono outfit
Image Source: Pinterest

Kimonos have been on the summer style scene for the past couple years. If you’ve hesitated on the trend, then this is your year. On cool summer evenings, you can pair a kimono with skinny ripped jeans, gladiator sandals and a white men’s tank top. A fancy leather backpack will be your daily carry-all.