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Vera Wang Jewelry Still Killin' it at Kohl's

Man proposing to woman at sunset
Pining for a proposal this year? Steer him on over to Kohl’s for a look at the Simply Vera Vera Wang bridal jewelry collection.

You’ve been dropping carefully orchestrated, subtle hints to your man for months (5 months, 22 days, and 5 hours, but who’s counting?), and you always make sure to “pass by” a certain jewelry store that rhymes with “Biffany” whenever possible. Here’s another way to hint to your beau that you’re lusting for a gorg engagement ring with a fancy name. Send him this amber alert.

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Way back in 2012, wedding juggernaut Vera Wang expanded her Simply Vera Vera Wang collection into bridal jewelry. And that brought a selection of budget-friendly engagement rings to Kohl’s, in stores and online.

Now we’ve seen lots of budget designer lines come and go over the years. But seven years later, Simply Vera Vera Wang’s bridal jewelry has become a mainstay at Kohl’s. Turns out, budget fashionistas love the high-design pieces with wallet-friendly price tags.

The collection includes engagement rings and wedding bands priced from $1,000 to $10,000. Carat sizes range from 1/4 to 1 1/2 carat total weight. The rings are all 14-karat gold with certified, near colorless diamonds.

Simply Vera Bridal Rings: Top Picks

When Money is No Object

Now if you and your guy have $10k to spend on a ring, I doubt you’ll be shopping for it at Kohl’s. But just to give you some perspective…this is the showpiece of the Simply Vera Vera Wang bridal jewelry collection.

The total carat weight of this ring is 1 1/2 ct., with the big stone in the middle weighing in at a 1/2 ct. The setting is rhodium-plated 14k white gold. And there’s no need to freak out at the p word (“plated”). It’s fairly common for white gold to be rhodium-plated for color.

For Something Sweet

If you crave a sweet, wholesome style for your wedding band, try this scalloped piece on for size. At less than 2 grand, it’s a nice buy — but offers way more bling than a standard gold band. The right design sure makes good use out of 1/2 ct. of total weight in diamonds.

To Cover all Color Bases

Gone are the days when all jewelry is either yellow or white. Now you’ve got rose gold in the mix, and that can cause some anxiety if you like your jewelry to be matchy. Overcome that hurdle with a tri-tone ring. Unless you prefer to ask for three wedding bangs, one in each color.

Because He Gets One Too

You can’t have your guy cruising around with a plain wedding band. Also, Kohl’s occasionally has BOGO sales on Simply Vera pieces, so it may work in your favor to give him a stepped-up design. This tungsten carbide ring is fancy in a manly kind of way.

What do you think about shopping for Simply Vera Vera Wang bridal jewelry at Kohl’s?

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Thursday 3rd of May 2012

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