Sales vs. Clearance (Again)

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In today’s fashion newsletter, Angela and I featured a Giani Berini leather satchel that was on sale for $37 when we wrote the newsletter a few days ago. Since that time, cause Macy’s waits for no, man, uh, shopper, the price had been raised back to it’s pre-sale price of $75.00, thus reminding us all the difference between “sale” and “clearance”.

So what’s the difference? Well…

A Sale is a temporary markdowns that the store can raise to it’s full price at anytime. A Clearance is a permanent markdown that won’t be raised back to it’s full price.

Again… Sales are the deals, clearances are the steals.

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  • Mally

    Macy’s must read your blog! 🙂 This concept of sale/clearance bothers me. I understand that it’s not clearance..but a lot of the time, you have to get things on sale, because by clearance time, there’s little left. That’s my experience. When things go on sale, you can bet they just hiked up the original price, and then brought it down just enough for people to feel like they’re saving money. I’m a bit jaded, I think. Now, when things go on sale at a DRAMATICALLY lower price, I just feel like they were way overpriced, they had way more in stock than they expected to, and it’s a way of duping the customer. I realize they have to make money..but it seems to take advantage of our emotional responses to money. Bleh.

  • Cassie

    Just a note about Macy’s sales – they are often much different in store than on the web.  I bought the featured bag about two months ago at a Macy’s store where it was on sale for $39.99.  After getting home, I double-checked the website… and there it was $75.  An excuse to actually visit the mall… to find sales!