Women Over 40: Best Places to Shop for Clothes

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Who says you can’t be fabulous at any age? Women over 40 often look for more mature clothing styles, and value quality over what’s trendy. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend a fortune to look classy and age-appropriate. There are numerous retailers that specialize in clothes for women over 40 — even 40+ fashionistas on a budget. Here’s our go-to list of retailers for clothing, shoes, and accessories.


Talbots is a specialty retailer that sells classic women’s clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories. To ensure the perfect fit every time, Talbots offers a diverse selection of clothing in a full scope of sizes, including petite, woman plus, and woman petite plus. Check out their New Arrivals for the latest styles for every season.
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You know Nordstrom. The highly popular online and brick-and-mortar shop offers high-quality clothing, including designer brands, at affordable prices. Nordstrom also offers a free Personal Stylist service.


Chico’s caters specifically to women, offering a wide selection of private branded, casual-to-dressy clothing. The shop also sells intimates, fashion accessories, and non-clothing gift items. At Chico’s, women over 40 can shop everything from modest swimsuits to sophisticated tops and jackets.

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  • Jennifer

    If you watch the sales for Jcrew( wool sweater for20 instead of 100) banana republic you can find beautiful pieces at even better prices. I hate buying something that is not on sale myself.

    • Catherine Brock

      Thanks for the tip Jennifer!

  • Thanks for Sharing this Info, I recommend these stores to my friends!

  • tess

    I am 42, and find most of these options very conservative. Not my style. And out of the range of affordable. But thanks for trying.

    • Catherine Brock

      Hi Tess,
      There are others out there who feel the same I’m sure. Feel free to share any of your favorite stores!

  • From my point of view, you grow old when you think you have! Always keep that light inside you that keeps you young and wear what suits you well. By the way nice nice post. Keep posting stuff like that!

  • great collection of apparels and outfits which is hard to discover at any other regions. Help to gather my favorite collection at lowest price.

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    Awesome. Thanks for mentioning these websites. I don’t know how anyone can afford anything in those websites. Belk sales are great.

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  • Katrina M

    Talbot, Nordstom, and Macy’s are really expensive, for clothing for Women over 40, my top 3, and all are reasonably priced are Kohl’s, DressBarn, and Christopher & Banks!!

    • Korey

      Awesome. Thanks for mentioning these websites. I dont know how anyone can afford anything in those websites. Belk sales are great.

  • I found some nice collections for my mother from chico’s, they really have some good patterns and designs. Talbots is for regular classic cloths only, in my view.

  • Korey

    Really? these are budget shops? 85.00 for a shirt is a budget? 45 for a shirt is a budget? Wow, Y’all must be really wealthy. I am looking for shops with shirts for 25 Guess mine would be Jcpenney, sears, Kohls, Bealls, and Belk,

  • I have to agree with the valid points you make in your article because I see things like you. Additionally, your content is interesting and really good reading material. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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  • Great post Brandy!

    There are the best places for those looking for suitable fashion for any age.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Camille

    I just turned 40, and I am aghast at a few of your suggestions: Talbots and Chicos. My 94-year-old grandmother shops at Chicos, and went I bought my first shirt at Talbots I felt so bad about myself I took it back. I *have* been shopping at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, J.Crew, and Anthropologie since my 20’s, but I am looking for other ideas. Non middle aged, more bohemian, etc.

    • Paintcraze

      “Over 40” does include women in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

  • Thank You BRANDY for proving the details about Best Places to Shop for Clothes. Now it is very easy to find best palce for shopping. Thank you once again.

  • Alice

    Talbots & other stores often have great “end of season” sales. If your size stays fairly constant, you can pick up some nice quality items very reasonably. Also Altar’d State carries “Free People” style but for much less.

  • Useful Information.. Interesting post Thanks for sharing. I am impressing Thanks

    • carol

      Another wonderful place is on EBAY I purchase a lot from EBAY and all these brands are there. Many are brand new and at bargain basement prices. I have yet to have a problem with the sellers on EBAY and I have been buying from them for several years now. I do the buy it now purchases the most. I don’t like to bid on things..

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the list of stores, some of which I’ve shopped. I’ll have to check out some of the others. I noticed you didn’t mention White House Black Market. I’m 46 and have been shopping there for a few years now. It has become my favorite store. For those of you who say the stores on the list are too expensive, I agree. White House Black Market’s pricing runs around the same as those mentioned in the list which is why I only shop the clearance racks in the outlet stores. Incredible bargains and lots to choose from.

  • Thank you for providing such an extensive list of boutiques! I’ve been thinking of branching out of the regular clothing shops that I go to. Hopefully, I can find some really nice women’s boutiques in my area!

  • Thanks for the list of trendy boutique and stores to shop in for my wife. I have a pretty good sense of style, and sometimes I can find something that she loves. The only trouble is that she is pretty short, so sometimes finding something her size can be hard. However, I can often find things online in her size if they don’t have them in stock. Thanks again for the post.

  • This Article mainly contains lot of fashionable tropics and inc-rise personalize.

  • Shasta

    I think it’s only in Western countries will you find such a concept as stores for women over 40 and so much pressure to dress like a senior citizen at that age. Look outside the hemisphere and you’ll see plenty of older women dressed very cutely and feminine and they don’t look at all “childish” or “ridiculous”. It can be done.

    • Catherine

      Agreed. Thank you for sharing that insight – it puts things in perspective!

  • kivag

    Ugh! boring, too expensive and what’s worse they rarely carry really small sizes. I’m 66, but am the same size I was in college- 5’2, 105 lbs. Still toned, can run a mile and have long white and silver hair. I typically wear skinny jeans or pants, but am looking for interesting tops, e.g. Free People without the price tag.
    Any ideas?

    • Catherine

      Have you ever shopped Asos.com? It’s not positioned as an “over 40” shop, but who cares? Good selection and they do carry 00s.


    I agree. Most of us have children in college. These sites are far from budget friendly. With that being said my husband and I make pretty good money. I think of budget friendly is $20 dollar sale items, not talking about underwear either. Being 46 on a date night would like to have fun with my attire not plan for retirement.

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  • marcie

    I agree with Ann Marie. I can’t afford these stores.

  • Thanks For Sharing Trendy clothing stores for women.

  • Kellianne

    Ugh- all of these stores are boring and you’ll look just like all the other boring 55 year olds. I prefer to dress fairly conservatively, but a little outside the box.

    • Jenny

      I’m 43, but don’t look it. I’ve always had a youthful edge to my personality and clothing, though for the past 5 years I have gotten stuck in the black tees, and black pants I must wear everyday to work.. Where are you going for clothing and accessories?

  • Ann Marie

    How are these places considered budget? I’m 44 with four teenagers and expenses. I can’t afford $80 for a shirt at talbots! How about some actual budget suggestions for affordable fashion?? You know, shirts for $30 or less, pants for $50 or less. Not everyone can pay $200 for jeans or shoes!!

    • L

      Amen! I agree…

      • Merry Lee Lander

        Who’s budget are talking about here? Certainly not mine!

      • carol

        Not my budget either. I love beautiful clothes but, those prices are crazy. I do shop at macys but, only on their clearance racks. I can get good deals there.

  • Your blog has latest fashion trend.Great job.

  • All of these places are a great place to shop! I recommend the Talbots and Nordstrom for sure, I have always had success there with trendy styles!