Why, High-Low There! Live it Up (and Down) with these 10 Great High-Low Styles

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Romeo & Juliet Couture Maxi Dress, $98 from Nordstrom

You know that high-low style where the material is cut higher in the front while the back flows longer? Well, I’m totally in love with the look and nothing—nothing—you say can snap me out of it. Their revealing-in-all-the-right-places asymmetry is an unexpected twist on the norm (dare-to-be-different confidence does it for me every time). Plus, their looks range from dressy to laid-back and can go from feminine to edgy in a heartbeat.

So, you’ll have to excuse me if I get a little defensive when people start giving this fun style Michael Bolton-esque nicknames (circa mid-’80s) like The Mullet (okay, that one does get me laughing) or make hokey jokes about designers facing material shortages.

Read on to see why we’re not kidding around with this style. Here are 10 great ways to go with the high-low flow:

High-Low Styles that You Must Try

Lady in Red

Lady in Red

Knotted Sweetheart Tube Dress, $13.80 from Forever21

We think this dress is great for those nights when you want to strike that sexy-summery balance. Thanks to a hem that’s high enough in the front to be revealing yet low enough in the back to be ladylike, this look is great for a dressier date or a fun night out with friends.

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