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7 Chic & Easy Honeymoon Outfits for the Bride

Wherever you’re jet-setting off to, you want to look your best on your honeymoon! And you know what that means: You’re going to put a lot of energy into planning and packing the perfect honeymoon outfits.

Sadly, suitcases only fit so much stuff in them. Your space is a premium. You don’t want to be that girl — who shows up for a seven-day getaway with two trunks, three hatboxes, and a bag full of bags. So there are decisions to be made about what’s worth using that precious suitcase space. Good thing we have some terrific honeymoon outfit ideas to help.

Before you go

Consider where you’re going

Couple wearing stylish honeymoon outfits smile while taking a photo.

Okay, yes, obviously. If you’re heading to the Amalfi Coast, your outfit needs are different than if you’re heading to Norway. (Not sure who’s honeymooning in Norway, but hey, it’s probably nice.)

Still, keep your destination in mind. You don’t need a puffer for the Bahamas. Not even a super trendy puffer that always turns heads.

And check that weather forecast plus the monthly weather averages. Yes, obvious, again, but still. Make sure the seasonal average and the reality are in line, and pack accordingly.

Understand the true size of your suitcase

Yes, you could check three bags. But do you really want to? If that answer is yes, feel free to ignore this consideration. Just know there are benefits to simplifying your packing list and picking a more interchangeable wardrobe.

As an example, you could bring your entire jewelry box. But it’s so much easier to bring a few pieces of everyday jewelry that’ll match plenty of outfits.

The same goes for clothes. If you can make your wardrobe reasonably interchangeable, you’ll have plenty of room for souvenirs. And you won’t be lugging around thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry, clothes, and shoes in a strange place.

Make a packing list

Early planning on what to pack is going to make your life infinitely simpler. Even if you have to do a full Marie Kondo on your wardrobe and see what sparks joy and what doesn’t, it’s worth it. At least get all the essentials written down on a packing list, and you can adjust from there.

What to pack


You could just pack dresses and sandals and call it a day. Honestly, dresses are super versatile and all you need in a tropical environment.

If you need more variety, just pack several types of dresses, and you’ll be set. Consider a maxi dress, romper, and something more formal. Pick two or three, max, if you have the space.

Pants and shorts

Flowy pants have a very Instagram look, and they’re super comfortable in warmer environments. Jeans can feel stifling in warm weather, so you’re usually better off leaving them at home.  

For shorts, lean into paper bag waist styles. These are chicer than, say, a skintight yoga short.


T-shirts and tank tops! These aren’t your random logoed shirts you got free from running in 5Ks, of course. Bring a mix of sleek tops — even a crop — that’ll go with your flowy pants and high-waisted shorts.

This is a good place to simplify, too. A few shirts are really all you need, especially if you’re packing several dresses.


Pack something for the evenings when the temperature drops. Try a shacket, oversized sweater, or a cardigan. A simple but warm layer (or two, max) is all you need.


There is plenty of room to get creative here, but at least bring the basics. Bring a pair of sunglasses, a hat, and a purse.

And yes, you want to wear your shiny, new ring. But I’m a big proponent of subbing in something cheaper for trips. You can pick up an expensive looking (but not genuine) travel ring or even a silicone band. It’s just a lot safer overall. You’d feel horrible if your first-string ring got lost or damaged.


A pair of sandals and some wedges cover everything. You may also need a pair of athletic shoes or sneakers if you expect to be doing a good deal of walking at your destination.

7 essential honeymoon outfits

1. Just the basics

Throw on your best dress, grab your sandals, and a bag. That’s all there is to it. This is a staple honeymoon look for a reason — it works.

2. The classic

An upgraded t-shirt (say a v-neck with a silky texture) plus denim bottoms and wedge sandals is a classic and stylish ensemble. The bottoms can be a skirt, shorts, or full jeans, depending on the weather.  

3. The traveler

These days, airport fashion is basically the same as off-duty-model fashion. So, jeans, t-shirt, big sweater, and a dad hat. You could also swap in yoga pants if you want those on hand for your trip.

4. The nice dinner

Grab that dressy dress you packed and the wedges. Pair it with a clutch, a nice bracelet, and glossy, red lips.

5. Head out on the town

If you packed a shacket, here’s the payoff. You can wear it as a dress in the evenings to show off those legs. Or wear it over your most form-fitting pieces — a bodycon dress or crop top and yoga pants are good options. Don these outfits to the bar, the club, or strolling the city streets at night.

6. The athlete

You want to stay up on your fitness routine while honeymooning? Athleisure is the way to go. Leggings or shorts paired with an oversized top and sneakers make you gym-ready — but also dressed for brunch.

7. A night on the beach

You want to have just enough layers to keep you warm when the sun sets. Consider shorts paired with your oversized sweater to stay warm and stylish.

Your best honeymoon style

In the hustle and bustle of wedding planning (or learning how to elope), it’s easy to overlook honeymoon styling until the last minute. Fortunately, you don’t need to shop a new wardrobe. Grab your favorite dresses, some interchangeable layers, a pair of leggings, plus a neutral hat, purse, and sunglasses. You can also wear a bracelet and earrings on the plane.

Those items will deliver multiple chic honeymoon outfits that’ll complement your big smile in all those destination photos you snap for the feeds.

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