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Solange with a textured, blunt cut

Chopped: Fall’s Freshest Cut

They say life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. We say a little self-imposed change can be the jumpstart. A clean break — or in this case, chop —...
hair trends 2017 - collage of five haircuts

2017 Hair Trends: 5 Hot New Haircuts to Try

Hair trends cycle just like fashion trends. And if the last couple chops by celebrity stylists are any indication, there’s a fresh crop of cuts destined to be this year’s biggest contenders. And there’s no...
Lob 1

Summer’s Coolest Cut: The Lob Story

Itching for a change? You’re not alone. A trip to the chop-shop seems to be on everyone’s agenda, dead-set on debuting a new ‘do just in time for summer’s social season. The cut of...
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