Best Swimwear to Flatter Your Skin Color

We acknowledge that after having read the title of this post, you may still be cringing. For most of us, the last thing we want to even begin thinking about right now is putting on a swimsuit. Maybe you’re still beating a hasty retreat to the gym to work off the last of the holidays. Maybe your skin is so dry it’s flaking off. Or maybe it’s just so darn cold where you live that you have a challenging enough time trying to stay warm while changing out of your jammies in the morning. No matter what the reason, we sympathize. So, consider this a wee seed that we’re offering for future reference. Read it, bookmark it, and read it again in a few months.

The Right Swimsuit for Your Skin Color

Deep breath, hold your nose, and jump!

Light brown or blond hair with medium-light skin

Go for deep reds and earth tones. Avoid suits in black or dark grey.

Ruby Red - Green Trimmed Bikini



Medium-dark skin with dark brown or black hair

Have fun with color! Bright yellows and jewel toned pinks and purples will look marvelous on you. Stay away from muted colors like beige or olive green.

Yellow Polka Dot - Magenta

Very light skin and/or freckles with light blond or red hair

Cobalt blue, any shade of green (apart from lime) and, believe it or not you gingers out there, pink are some of your best swimsuit colors. It’s a good idea to avoid orange and yellow.

Paint Splatter - Emerald Retro


  1. says

    Great topic for the bikini season which is really coming. I am the second type of the skin color tone here in your article. Unfortunately, I could not swim but willing to learn. This year may be another best year with the sun in Florida again.

  2. emma says

    I agree with previous comment. Isn’t light-medium skin and dark brown hair pretty common…so why was it left out.
    Or is it because we are so awesome that we can wear whatever 😉

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