The Best Swimsuit Brands on a Budget

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What’s more terrifying than trying on swimsuits surrounded by mirrors in fluorescent lights? Paying a small fortune for a piece of body-baring Spandex. But don’t worry, we got your back (seriously, we do) and have put together this list of the cheap bathing suit brands that help you look good and save a few bucks.

Rules for Searching for a New Swimsuit

First, it’s usually a good idea to go up a size.

When trying on suits, give your cleavage a manual boost in the suit to make sure it’s securely in the proper place.

If you can’t find the perfect fit, suits can be easily tailored. Straps can be shortened and inserts can be sewn into the lining of the cups.

Once you found a suit you love, make sure you take care of it by hand-washing it after every use, and never put it in the dryer (the heat melts the Spandex).

Check out our picks for the best swimsuits on a budget.

Best Cheap Bathing Suits

Fashion Forward Swimsuits: ASOS 

Fashion-forward Swimsuits


Looking for a swimsuit with a bit of edge? Just click over to ASOS for suits that are just as cutting-edge as the latest runway looks. You’ll find 3-D floral embellishments, ruffles, gold hardware and cutouts in every style for $50-$60 for a one-piece. Make sure to check ASOS outlet first for items up to 70 percent off the regular price.

Made to Last Swimsuits: Land’s End 

Land's End Carmela Swimsuit


If you don’t want to get a new suit every season, then Land’s End is your brand. The suits feature enhancements like sun protection and bust support. For the most part, tops and bottoms are sold separately, so you can find the best fit for every part of your body, but this can add to the expense of the suit. We like that the plus-size options feature cross-back straps for extra support.

Casual Swimsuits: Target 

Budget Swimsuit Brands

One of the reasons Target’s clothing is so popular is that it actually fits really well, and that includes swimsuits.With most suits priced in the $20-$40 range and a large selection of plus-size swimsuits, you will find a suit that works. One piece of advice: the selection online is significantly better than the in-store options, so order online (you can return the item in-store).

Teen Swimsuits: dELiA*s 

Teen Swimsuits


Junior fashion brand dELiA*s is a great place to find swimsuits if you’re a teen or petite. dELiA*s fun swimsuits (approximately $24.50 for bottoms and $29.50 for tops) are available in fashion-forward patterns such as polka dots and bright florals. The quality is okay–the swimsuit isn’t going to last more than two or three seasons, but for the price, you’ll be well under your cost per wear.

Perfect Fit Swimsuits: Talbots 

Polka Dot Swimsuit

Talbots pays the same careful attention to detail in their swim line as they do to crafting a tailored suit. These suits are made for women and feature details such as halter tops and side ruching, which help make suits that fit and flatter most body types. They’re also fully lined, so you won’t have any see-through surprises after you emerge from the water.

Plus-Size Swimsuits: Forever21

plus size bikini

Plus size swimwear has undergone a major revolution with ugly floral prints and suits that cover every part of your body taking a back seat to plus size bikinis and shape enhancing suits with strategically placed cut outs. Forever21 is leading this revolution on the budget front, with figure flattering plus size swimsuits in a variety of awesome colors and styles.


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  • Priya

    I suggest out of all of these you should buy from F21 because all their clothes are good quality and fashoinable (well most!)

  • It suits me.

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  • A&M

    What is considered curvy? Do you have to be over a certain size or else you just look like a 12 year old boy to everyone? I am not skinny skinny, but I am not bigger by any means. A size 7 in most jeans brands. I have no trouble finding bathing suits anywere, but it’s like anything else you have to have an hour or two to invest in digging through the racks, especially at discount stores.

    Just being “top heavy” is not the only curvy that there is! I’ve been told I have “baby making hips” and other not so nice remarks that I won’t say on this! haha. when you have bigger hips, you want to play them up, embrace your curves because when you hide them, you just make yourself look worse instead of better.

    Every body has issues when bathing suit shopping and sometimes the best thing to do is just to try on EVERYTHING, even bathing suits you would never try on before. I found my favorite suit a few years ago that way.

  • neutralkate

    H&M;!!! Each piece is like $6.

  • thewavelife

    Believe it or not I got one at the dreaded Wally-World when I was in a panic one summer. Left my b-suit bottoms at home while visiting family. Otherwise I try to stick with big sales to get a good suit at a good cost. Target definitely did not cut their suits for a woman over 18 (Size or Age!).

  • Anonymous

    I do agree with that abk_8011, Target and Old Navy suits tend to be more of a junior cut. Anybody have thoughts on great budget bathing suit sources for the curvier figure?

  • abk_8011

    Victoria’s Secret semi-annual clearance, TJ Maxx, Marshalls… I’m a budget shopper but bathing suits are the one thing I will splurge on- I just think it’s worth paying the extra $$ for a suit that fits and flatters… which is a tough feat considering how little fabric is involved. While suits at Target and Old Navy are pretty cute (and I always try to pour myself into them), I think they are made for more of a teenage body, less for curvier (read: top heavy) shapes.

  • Budget Babe

    Old Navy!