Not Sure If Tailoring an Item is Worth the Cost? Use the Tailor Ratio

Every “fashion expert” tells you that you should alter items to improve their fit (as well as salvage old clothes). However, how do you know when it’s more cost effective to donate an item versus send an item to tailor? to help my fellow fashionistas out, I developed the Tailor Ratio ©, which is a simple way to know whether or not you should tailor it or trash it.

The Tailor Ratio©

The ratio is simple: Divide the cost of the repair or alteration by the number of times you wear the items in a given time period (usually a month or year is a good measurement).

Here’s the Tailor ratio© written out mathematically:

Cost of Repair/# Times you Wear it

So, if it costs $20 to alter and items and you wear it 20 times per year, your Tailor ratio© is 1. If you wear it 40 times a year, your tailor ratio is .5.

You always want to shoot for a tailor ratio below 1. Why? Well a ratio under 1 means that you are getting as much from the garment as you’re putting into it (ie a “1:1” ratio).

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  1. hm says

    Thanks for figuring that out, I can use that ratio for when I get my shoes fixed as well (which I’ve done a couple of times and stretched out the original wear time for another year by a $25 fix).

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