If you are of a certain age, jumpsuits will make you think of Donna Summer, Charlie’s Angels, and/or skating to “Rock With You” at the roller rink. However, it seems if it’s spring of 2009 (and it is) jumpsuits are one of at least the top 10 trends. Maybe top 5. Of course, last year they tried to bring back the romper. Did you buy one? We didn’t, and quite frankly, we don’t regret it.

Still, the more we see it, the more we’re thinking that if you are fashion-confident enough to pull it off, the modern jumpsuit could be quite chic. The key? Rich fabric and subtle, neutral hues (forget the velour, Juicy-wanna-be, hot pink versions), and modern accessories to assure that your look stays well out of the throwback/retro 70s territory – bib necklaces and gladiator sandals are at the top of our list.

Jumpsuit for Spring Picks