Kathryn’s Glamour-ous Trend: Scarves as Head Wraps

What: We’re all about a new spring and summer trend: The scarf as a head wrap. And nobody rocks it’s better than Kathryn, herself.

What Jess Zaino of Glamour.com Says: “Having spent two years in Africa, Kathryn learned to expertly rock the head scarf to keep her head cooler in the hot sun. With spring having sprung, she is making a style statement by bringing the head scarf into her daily look. She recommends using a heavy fabric for better hold and teaches us how to perfectly wrap on my blog, here. Also recommended are the bright colors to celebrate the new season and to add color to a neutral outfit.”

What We Say: The scarf as a necktie, the scarf as a neck-warmer—this is all old-school, ladies. What’s new school is bringing back a fabulous vintage trend, or copy-catting a beautiful African tradition: The scarf as a head wrap for your everyday wear. Can’t you just picture the stylish women circa the early 60’s wearing headscarves while driving in their convertibles? Well, no convertible necessary, all you need is a great decorative scarf—and as Kathryn says, something that has hold—a little bit of wrapping skill and boom. This look is so great because not many people have the guts to do it. Just make sure to wear the scarf—don’t let it wear you. If you’ve got this down, just as Zaino’s Glamour article promises, you really will be the ultimate trendsetter.