Holey Jeans: Yea or Nay?


It’s probably safe to assume that holey jeans were an accident; someone somewhere fell down, ripped their jeans, and thought “uh oh… wait, that looks cool.” But many of the world’s greatest inventions were accidents, so that’s not saying much. The holey jean phenomenon—new expensive jeans that look worn out and used, on purpose—is back; just look at this selection at American Eagle. Whether you paid top dollar for them at the stores or sliced and diced them yourself, you’ve been guilty of sporting see-through jeans at least once in your lifetime.

What is it we love about these torn up pants? Do they simply give us that extra edge, that “I don’t care how I look (even though clearly I’ve put a lot of money and/or effort into it)” image? Destruction is creation, and all that jazz. Or maybe we’re just running out of ideas on what to do with our eleven pairs of blue jeans.

Would you feel humiliated or happy if caught in holey jeans? If happy, would you do the cutting yourself or is there a more strategic style to them that you can’t find anywhere but at the mall?

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  1. Fjayne says

    I had to comment! I love the ripped jean trend… even in the 80s when I DIY knee rips on the Guess jeans. Now that I’m older, I prefer to purchase my jeans pre-ripped. The Joe’s Jeans I got have patches behind the rips so no flesh is showing. My husband doesn’t understand it, but I love the casual vibe.

  2. DealHuntingDiva says

    I love the holed jeans trend. It’s rock and roll, and as classic as American preppy. I just scored a pair of white Siwy denim from Shopbop. So excited to wear them!

  3. megan2009 says

    I think that rock bands start all the new fashion trends probably because of their lifestyle. 

    Think about it.  When you rock, you have no time to mop! (or in the case of jeans, wash your clothes).  So day after day, hangover after hangover, you put on whatever’s comfortable and in reach – the pair of jeans you were jamming in last night!  Now, wearing them day in and day out, they’re going to tear, but you don’t care because you’re a rock star and the kids think you look cool in whatever you wear.  And pretty soon the kids are copying your style.

    That’s my two cents anyway.  lol.  I love my jeans – always have to get the latest.  Has anybody heard of Dorinha Jeans?  I want to buy a pair.  I believe the designer’s Brazilian and the one inch zipper that they have looks chic.  Has anybody bought a pair?

  4. ahleec says

    Thumbs up to holey jeans…to an extent. Thumbs down to *prefab* holey jeans. Not a fan of the sell-out style of clothing (true punk or goth turns Hot Topic, true grunge turns A&F;etc)

  5. WitchyD says

    I just bought a pair of super-soft ripped look crops at Target for $24. I love them for summer with flips and a tshirt for a super casual beachy look. I would not spend big bucks on this trend though.

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