Etsy is a mecca of vintage-meets-crafty fabulousness. Like Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, it sucks me in like a glitter-filled black hole where I spend hours clicking through steampunk couture clothing, retro bubblegum pink telephones and radios, hand-stamped stationery and elegant/kitschy/whimsical jewelry.

Seriously–Etsy causes my otherwise-Type A, stingy self to delve into a dangerous world of impetuous fiscal behavior. On occasion I’m plagued with buyer’s remorse, but if I find a great deal on a piece of eye candy–one that’s sure to earn me sidewalk oohs and ahhs and make me feel like a fashion goddess–I know I made a worthwhile purchase.

Today I’m singing the praises of five different Etsy stores that specialize in inexpensive, kitschy-cute jewelry. Such products make a big impact, so you don’t need to cover yourself from head to toe in them. If you want to remain fashion-savvy, choose one (or maybe two) items to wear as statement pieces and you’ll be set for the day.

Affordable Etsy Jewelry Shops

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Paper Cakes

Paper Cakes
Chelsea of Paper Cakes also founded the popular blog Paper Cakes Finds, a Web site dedicated to finding and showcasing all things marvelous. She hails from Canada and sells hand-crafted kitschy jewelry with a bit of edge. Her goods are a fusion of bubblegum princess and pissed-off ex girlfriend. Take, for example, her signature heart necklaces that have phrases such as "please die" and "you suck" written gingerly in a sugary cursive. Prices on jewelry start at $5.50.