Style B*tch, er, Icon: Brenda Walsh


Accessories are Everything, Kelly

Accessories are Everything, Kelly

Credit: Socialite Life

How could anyone possibly forget when Brenda and Kelly wore the same dress to the spring dance? It was like a ‘90s “who wore it best?” battle (although we know the answer, right?) With her killer long gloves and classic pearls, Brenda won with her sweet-yet-bold look. Okay, so the hair was a little librarian/Lilith-from-“Cheers” (yes, I’m dating myself with that one and yes, I’m okay with it) severe, but it all worked out in the end. The message? Accessorize, ladies! The right extras will always make you stand out.

What were some of your most memorable Brenda Walsh styles and moments?

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  1. Yasuko says

    Oh, boy!!! I watched every episode of this show, and I was even taping it every week! I loved Brenda, and I never knew that she was a bad kind of girl. Lately I saw her in a TV commercial, and she still had the “vixen” type of look. Thanks anyway for writing about her and her show :-)

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