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The British are meanies. First, they didn’t forewarn us about the Spice Girls and Mr. Bean.  They invented stirrup pants (for riding, yes) and Ok! Magazine.  However, their biggest offense is that for the past 7 years they’ve kept Americans in the dark about Not nice at all. (acronym for As Seen On Screen) is the best (legal) place to get designer knock offs- much better than anything on Canal Street, more stylish than H&M and more current than Target. This online based store, takes high end fashions worn by celebrities like Madonna, Sienna Miller, etc and knocks them off so good that Madge would get “Hung Up” trying to tell the difference.  Not only does the store ship to the good old US of A (and Australia, Sweden, and a few other countries whose flags I can’t place), they also have a pretty respectable men’s store and beauty section as well.

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  1. serac says

    I love the online store and have for while.  My only problem is that ASOS won’t ship shoes and heavier items of clothing overseas to the US.  And they have the cutest shoes!

  2. Jennie says

    I’ve checked out this site and desperately want to purchase some items.  However, I’m curious about the sizing.  Obviously I’ve checked the conversion chart, however do they typically run larger or smaller?  Does anyone know?  Thanks!

  3. says

    The sizing varies.  Some things run large and some things run small – they’re all different brands, so they run differently.  The sizes are British though and are not equal to American sizes, so make sure to order according to the chart!

  4. Lisa says

    I have placed quite a few orders from their site during the past couple of years, and I couldn’t agree more about the shoes – I even emailed them at one point and asked if they would be willing to ship shoes to me here in the U.S. if I paid extra, but unfortunately they refused my offer.  I have had the same experience as the other person who commented regarding the sizing – I too find that it does vary slightly from item to item due to the different brands.  For the most part I have been really happy with nearly everything I have ordered from them though, and I just keep hoping they will change their policy regarding shoes and start shipping them here!

  5. says

    ASOS is a cool website, and the reason it is successful in the UK is because us Brits are so obsessed with celebrities like you wouldn’t believe. We buy more magazines than you guys and you’ve got about 5 times more people!

  6. shar says

    asos does ship to US and it will ship shoes. The thing is, you can’t ship over more than $200 (american dollars) worth of items. if your order is over that, you have to pay an extra $68 shipping fee. So if you don’t go over, you’ll be fine.

    Also, their clothes (dresses and shoes as far as I know.) are true to your size (american size chart) you may want to go a half size bigger with shoes just in case, but thats all. i love this store. UK has everything as far as the fashion scene!

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