Site I Like:

The British are meanies. First, they didn’t forewarn us about the Spice Girls and Mr. Bean.  They invented stirrup pants (for riding, yes) and Ok! Magazine.  However, their biggest offense is that for the past 7 years they’ve kept Americans in the dark about Not nice at all. (acronym for As Seen On Screen) is the best (legal) place to get designer knock offs- much better than anything on Canal Street, more stylish than H&M and more current than Target. This online based store, takes high end fashions worn by celebrities like Madonna, Sienna Miller, etc and knocks them off so good that Madge would get “Hung Up” trying to tell the difference.  Not only does the store ship to the good old US of A (and Australia, Sweden, and a few other countries whose flags I can’t place), they also have a pretty respectable men’s store and beauty section as well.